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Since ACCA represents 67 counties speaking with ONE voice, it is no small matter to determine what that one voice will say, whether it is speaking persuasively of ways to advance county government in Alabama or staunchly defending against changes that would bring harm.

This 2017 Alabama County Platform reflects months of work by county officials, county employees and ACCA staff to communicate those positions.


Foundation Principles

The platform is organized into 11 Foundation Principles, which are big ideas with headings such as “County Expenditures for Compensation and Benefits” and “Election Administration.” All of ACCA’s legislative efforts are based on those Foundation Principles.


Strategic Goals

Each Foundation Principle is connected to one or more Strategic Goals, with each one representing specific legislation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of county government.


2017 Strategic Goals

These are immediate priorities for counties, in this case specific proposals for the year.


Legislative Policies

The complete Alabama County Platform also contains many specific Legislative Policies linked to each Foundation Principle.