ACCA Action Alert: Proposed raise for supernumerary tax officials

  • Published: February 14, 2013
  • SB 193 was introduced this week by Sen. Tom Whatley. The legislation proposes a raise for those supernumerary tax officials who have at least 16 years of service. The increase would apply to those who are already receiving supernumerary benefits as well as those who are holding office today but will assume supernumerary status after they reach “retirement.”

    Attached is an overview of the proposed legislation.

    The bill would remove the current cap on supernumerary pay of $49,600 per year. The current law provides that a specific county commission “may” waive the cap and allow its individual tax officials to receive a salary that exceeds $44,600. This compromise language was included a few years ago, along with a concession made by the Association to allow existing supernumeraries to receive the same “cost-of-living” raises granted county retirees.

    This bill goes back on that agreement and simply removes the cap and eliminates any county commission role in this process. Obviously, this is an unfunded mandate and the ACCA is strongly opposing it on the basis of its cost as well as the fact that the bill is a reversal of a previous agreement.

    The bill is assigned to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. The members are listed below. Please contact the members of the committee and ask that they oppose this legislation as the entire cost will be paid from the county general fund.

    Senate Governmental Affairs Committee: Holley, Chairperson; Bedford, Vice chairperson;  Beason,  Brewbaker,  Coleman,  Dunn,  Figures,  Orr,  Pittman,  Sanford,  Taylor.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    - Sonny Brasfield