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  • Published: August 20, 2017
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    Still on the fence about deciding to “Get in the Game” at ACCA’s 89th Annual Convention?


    Here’s a scouting report with a few reasons you don’t want to miss out:


    Safety Drills 9 counties that have made measurable gains in safety will receive award checks – and 58 other counties will get to hear some homegrown best practices


    Convention sessions are approved for a total of 51 education credits for commissioners and county employees.


    Practical tips and specialized advice about new statutory and constitutional laws governing county operations, including Medicaid for County Inmates ● Solid Waste Permitting Process ● Amendment 4/Administrative Powers ● Excess Funds from Tax Sales ● Tax Exemptions for United Way Agencies ● Lodging Taxes for Meeting Rooms


    Some 80 exhibitors, representing more than 20 different types of goods and services, will be under one roof. That means county leaders have an unparalleled opportunity to comparison shop for anything from road materials to financial services to inmate medical care – all for the purpose of providing taxpayers with the best services at the best value.


    Alabama counties operate within a one-of-a-kind legal framework. This is the one unique opportunity to problem-solve, network and troubleshoot with the only other people in the world who do what you do.


    U.S. Senate Prospects Take your own measure of Alabama’s leading candidates and their perspectives on county government.


    Know the Players to Get in the Game Gov. Kay Ivey ● Attorney General Steve Marshall ● Rep. Chris Pringle ● Rep. Randall Shedd ● ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell ● Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn ● Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett