Hot 5: Fight Am. 2 and more

  • Published: October 20, 2014
  • Opposition to Amendment 2 Gets Some Buzz

    Counties around the state have been communicating ACCA’s opposition to Amendment 2 on the statewide ballot next month at recent commission meetings, and some counties have even adopted their own resolution opposing the amendment to withdraw $50 million in principal from the Alabama Trust Fund with no provision for repayment. (Here’s an example from Houston County.) Alabama counties voted to take this position as an Association, because the withdrawal would violate the intent of the trust and reduce revenue to counties. Additional info on Amendment 2 is available, and commissioners are encouraged to announce ACCA’s opposition during a commission meeting this month and refer media questions to ACCA at 334-263-7594. If your county has already acted on this, please let us know. 


    ACCA Safety Incentive Discount Program Deadline Approaching

    All county members of the ACCA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurers’ Fund and/or the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Inc. participating in the Safety Incentive Discount Program (SIDP) need to submit their completed, signed and initialed Safety Incentive Verification Form (Appendix A) and documentation by October 31, 2014. If your county is a member of both funds, you need to complete and return only one verification form and documentation. If your county submitted any of the requested policies last year (Items 2, 4, 5, and 6 on the verification form) then you do not need to send them again this year. Only send the policies that we do not have on file for your county or any policies that have been updated since October 31, 2013. Training certificates must be submitted for two attendees of the Correctional Officers Training and two attendees of the Deputies Training; however, certificates are not needed for the Safety Coordinator Training and the Public Officials/Administrative Staff Training. Please make sure all nine requirements have been met before sending your form and documentation to Henry van Arcken, ACCA Director of Insurance Services, P.O. Box 5040, Montgomery, AL 36103-5040.  Questions? Contact Henry van Arcken at 334-263-7594 or


    Tips for Counties with Commission Elections This Year

    As Election Day draws near, that means many counties are making preparations for commissioners to begin new terms. ACCA Association Counsel Mary Pons has prepared tip sheets to provide information about key steps and deadlines related to bonding commissioners, the new term of office and administering the oath of office. Questions? Contact Mary Pons at 334-263-7594 or


    Help Your County Succeed at the Alabama State House

    Counties in Alabama have an incredibly close working relationship with the state legislature, and elected officials depend on their county attorneys and staff leaders to understand both the issues and the process for statewide legislation and local bills. The County Government Education Institute’s course, Legislative and Governmental Relations, is coming up Nov. 17 and 18. It is a great way to quickly get up-to-speed, and attorneys can earn 11.3 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) credit approved by the Alabama Bar Association.


    National Magazine Spotlights an Alabama County

    Roads and Bridges magazine thought enough of a Houston County innovation that it published an online article, “Design Innovation: Air Bag Deployment” to explain the technique for using giant air bags, typically seen in rescue operations, to lift precast concrete bridges for repairs. The technique, which won recognition from the Association of County Engineers of Alabama, has already been borrowed by the Alabama Department of Transportation, and several counties have expressed interest as well.


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