Week of Dec. 3, 2012

  • Published: December 3, 2012
  • ONE SPOT letters
    Every county should have received a request for information from the Alabama Department of Revenue regarding ONE SPOT implementation. ONE SPOT will be the state’s new online portal for payment of certain state and local taxes. The deadline to submit this information is Dec. 20, and it is very important that all counties meet this deadline. Questions? Contact Mary Pons.

    Safety coordinators: Is your county jail online for the Legal-Based Guidelines?
    The ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund is providing the online Legal-Based Guidelines for jails to member counties, and so far representatives of 30 county jails have been trained to use the guidelines, which are designed to help jails align their policies with recent court rulings. But only 10 counties have done the paperwork to access the guidelines online. County safety coordinators are encouraged to contact their safety committee representative at the sheriff’s office to make sure paperwork is completed as soon as possible. Questions? Contact John Hamm.

    New resource about posted county bridges
    If you go to www.acea-online.org, you’ll see the top item on the home page is a link to a new map identifying every posted county bridge in the state. (If it doesn’t show up right away, please try refreshing the page.) This will be a good resource to share with the public, especially the industries that rely heavily on county roads. Thanks are due to everyone who checked the data on their county, and special thanks go out to the committee that spearheaded this collaborative project of county engineers and ALDOT.

    NACo Legislative Conference
    If you are ready to work on important federal issues and to help St. Clair County Chairman Stan Batemon campaign, it’s time to register for the NACo Legislative Conference, March 2-6 in Washington, D.C. You can make important contacts with Alabama’s Congressional delegation and help one of Alabama’s own get elected NACo second vice-president.

    Attn: ACCA Board and Legislative Committee
    Mark your calendars for April 3 -4, when you will be invited to Montgomery to visit the State House and meet with sponsors of ACCA’s 2013 legislation.