Week of July 23, 2012

  • Published: July 23, 2012
  • Developing ACCA’s legislative plans
    Incoming ACCA President Ricky Harcrow is preparing to appoint members to the Association’s Steering Committees, which will work on revisions to the Legislative Program for the 2013 regular session. Those interested in serving on a Steering Committee should contact Mary Pons.

    $ave money on purchasing
    Counties have access to the U.S. Communities program which offers discounted prices on everything from auto parts at Carquest to maintenance supplies at Home Depot. Check out this [download id=”381″] for details.

    Convention’s early registration discount ends soon
    Friday is the last day to register for the ACCA Annual Convention at the early rate of $185 per person. After that, the cost increases to $210 per person.

    New training for drivers of emergency vehicles
    The ACCA Self-Insurance Funds are preparing to roll out a new Emergency Vehicle Operators Course. The course will be free for fund members, and it is designed to help drivers make safer decisions in emergencies. For more information, contact Henry van Arcken.

     ACCA research publications have devoted followings
    Many thanks to everyone who completed the survey about ACCA’s two research publications! The survey showed that these are valuable resources that are used every day to help county leaders make sound decisions. Click here to see [download id=”385″].