Week of June 18, 2012

  • Published: June 18, 2012
  • Safety tips for members of the insurance funds
    The ACCA Self-Insurance Funds are providing a [download id=”367″]with tips on avoiding falls, using defibrillators and operating nail guns.

    Training for public information officers
    The Alabama Emergency Management Agency is offering a free Basic Public Information Officers Course July 11-12 in Montgomery. The course is designed to equip participants with basic skills needed to be full or part-time PIOs during emergencies. Skills covered will include oral and written communications, understanding and working with the media, and basic tools and techniques needed to perform effectively. The full [download id=”368″] and [download id=”369″]are available online.

    Election expenses
    As counties make preparations for the special election Sept. 18, please be advised that since the ballot contains only state issues (no local candidates or amendments), the state will be reimbursing counties 100 percent for eligible expenses. You may recall that the [download id=”370″] was amended last year to include publication of the voter list.

     New court costs law kicking in
    Parts of Act 2012-535 will go into effect this week. Starting Thursday, the additional docket fees on civil and criminal cases will be charged, ranging from $15-45 per case. The $35 filing fee on bail bonds also starts Thursday, which means money will start to flow into the new “sheriff’s fund” to be used for jail operations.

    Congrats to AAEM award winners
    The Alabama Association of Emergency Managers met for its annual conference last week. Among the many honorees, Mindy Nash of Shelby County EMA took home the Pat Neuhauser Spirit of EMA Award. A [download id=”371″] given by AAEM is available.