Week of June 3, 2013

  • Published: June 3, 2013
  • 4B8MON
    Stan Batemon and several supporters of his campaign from throughout the country helped “spread the word” about Stan during the recent Western Interstate Region conference in Arizona. Reports on his campaign continue to be very positive with new supporters joining “Team Batemon” weekly. However, all three other candidates are working hard and county officials are urged to reach out to contacts in other states to ask for their support. The final vote will take place next month during the NACo conference in Ft. Worth.

    Don’t forget your credentials
    All counties are encouraged to attend this year’s NACo conference in Ft. Worth and urged to follow the new credentials process that was provided to each county from NACo and from the Association. Counties should NOT mark the box that prohibits the ACCA from picking up their voting credentials on-site in Texas. If you have any questions, please contact Sonny Brasfield.

    A quiz about safe driving habits
    To  test your knowledge about distracted driving, here are a few “true or false” statements for you: (Find the answers – and more info – [download id=”926″].) 

      • Drivers can multitask.
      • Talking on a cell phone is just like talking to a passenger.
      • It’s safe to talk on a cell phone while driving as long as you use a hands-free device.
      • Drivers talking on cell phones are safer on the road than drunk drivers.

    Thank you to all the survey participants!
    Many thanks to everyone who completed the online survey about ACCA’s legislative communications. Your input is important, and ACCA staff members are busy figuring out how to best use this information. Much of the feedback is positive, and your staff appreciates your support. Among the survey’s findings, respondents have a strong track record of contacting their legislators during the session, and they also have a keen interest in visiting the State House, with especially strong interest in county teams (elected officials and key staff leaders) doing legislative work together. The new ACCA webinars proved popular, and several tips were offered to improve “action alert” emails. If you have further feedback, please email Sallie Gowan.

    2 days left for Overview of County Government class
    Wednesday is the last day to register for the County Government Education Institute’s Overview of County Government class, scheduled for June 19 and 20 in Prattville. This is a basic-level class for all certification programs, and county staff leaders who complete their certificates by August will be recognized at the ACCA Convention. Use the link above to register, or contact Brandy Perry if you need to verify how many credits you have earned.