Week of March 18, 2013

  • Published: March 18, 2013
  • AAEM: Meet us at the State House
    Tomorrow is AAEM Day @ the Legislature, so make sure you are planning to join us at the State House starting at 11 a.m. The day will kick off with a legislative briefing from the ACCA staff (likely topics include bills relating to emergency drills at schools, the First Responders Commission and emergency shelters). There will be time for you to visit with your legislators, and events will wrap up with a 1:30 p.m. briefing from AEMA Director Art Faulkner focusing on state regulation of storm shelters. Questions? Contact Donna Key.

    Law Enforcement & the County Commission
    This is the last week for commissioners who want to register for the Alabama Local Government Training Institute course called Law Enforcement & the County Commission. The course is an elective that can be used toward either the 50-hour Commissioner Education Program or the 70-hour Commissioner Graduate Program. Commissioners who complete either program in time will be recognized at the ACCA convention in August.

    Attn: Emergency communicators
    The deadline is near if you want to attend the CGEI Fundamentals of Emergency Communications Districts course (use link to register or view a draft agenda) on April 10-11. March 27 will be the last day to register. This is a required class for anyone who wants to earn the certificate in emergency communication, and it is only offered every two years. Questions? Contact Donna Key.

    Don’t wait for an accident
    Safety inspections shouldn’t be done only after an accident – you should think of them as a good way to prevent accidents. Check out [download id=”848″] for tips on how to make safety inspections part of your regular routine.

    One-time money from Alabama Trust Fund
    Questions have continued to come in about how counties can use the one-time money coming from the Alabama Trust Fund next month. As with all dollars from the Alabama Trust Fund, the usage is governed by [download id=”849″]. To give yourself maximum flexibility for ATRIP, these one-time dollars can be used to pay any existing debt service you have for capital improvements (which would free up your debt payment amount to be used as matching funds). Alabama law also allows for one half of the funding to be used as a direct payment for road and bridge construction.