Week of Oct. 14, 2013

  • Published: October 14, 2013
  • Counties rock ATRIP Status Reports
    Gov. Robert Bentley’s office has been very pleased with county efforts on last week’s ATRIP Status Reports. Counties all over the state organized events to announce the latest on their ATRIP projects, and so far ACCA has documented 52 different instances of news coverage.  That is an incredible  media blitz, with broadcast coverage in three states! And there’s still more to come, as weekly papers publish their next editions. Please send your examples of media coverage to Sallie Gowan.

    E-Verify option during federal government shutdown
    Alabama  employers — including counties — cannot legally hire new employees without running the names through E-Verify. But the ongoing shutdown of the federal government has also shut off E-Verify. Fortunately, there’s a state-sponsored option that will bridge the gap, called the Alabama E-Verify Employer Agent Service. Employers can enter their new employee’s information into the state system, but they will not receive a response until the federal shutdown is over.  For more information, call the state system at 855-VERIFY6 or email mail@verify.alabama.gov.  

    Education course schedules for county officials, employees
    Want to complete your education program so you can be recognized at the 2014 ACCA Annual Convention next August? It’s time to start planning. For elected county officials, check out the 2013-14 schedule for the Alabama Local Government Training Institute. For county staff members, look at the  2014 schedule for the County Government Education Institute.

    Free training for emergency response drivers
    ACCA’s Self-Insurance Funds are offering yet another free safety training opportunity for member counties. The Emergency Vehicle Operators Course is a 30-minute tutorial in the techniques, concepts, rules and procedures needed for responders to drive safety in emergencies. Participants will not be required to travel to a central location — they can complete the course at any computer with internet access. To register, email Henry van Arcken. 

    ACCA closed for Columbus Day
    The office will be closed all day on Monday, Oct. 14, in honor of Columbus Day. ACCA will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15.