Week of Oct. 15, 2012

  • Published: October 15, 2012
  • Organizational meetings for counties electing commissioners this year
    ACCA has received a number of questions from members about organizational meetings for counties electing commissioners this year. Here is the [download id=”528″] that outlines the organizational meetings, which must be on Wednesday, Nov. 14, in counties with commission elections. Administrators will also want to remember that they will need to take a photo of the new commission at that meeting for the 2013 ACCA Membership Directory.

    New commissioner notebooks
    Since 55 counties are electing commissioners this year, many of you will be busy collecting information to help the newly elected officials get oriented to their new duties. Here is an [download id=”529″] that may be helpful to you.

    NACo South Region Update
    Take a look at the [download id=”530″] from Commissioner Joe Bryan from Wake County, N.C.,  Bryan serves as NACo’s south region representative, and this month he wrote about economic development and healthy communities.

    Stem motor vehicle accidents
    Automobile accidents continue to climb. The ACCA Self-Insurance Funds provide member counties with Emergency Vehicle training (EVOC.) EVOC is an online driving simulator and educational resource designed to educate emergency responders (law enforcement and emergency medical services) how to navigate through intersections in emergency response scenarios. Please contact Henry van Arcken or John Hamm to learn more.

    More appointments
    Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey appointed ACCA President Ricky Harcrow of DeKalb County to the Ending Child Hunger in Alabama Initiative Task Force. Alabama Association of Emergency Managers President Mike Evans has tapped Monroe County EMA Director J.T. Johnston to serve on the new Alabama First Responders Wireless Commission. The ACCA Board of Directors nominated Marshall County Chairman James Hutcheson and Montgomery County Administrator Donald Mims to serve on the Alabama Local Government Records Commission. Thank you for your service!