Week of Oct. 7, 2013

  • Published: October 7, 2013
  • ATRIP Status Reports statewide on Wednesday
    Each county’s preparations for Wednesday’s statewide ATRIP Status Reports should be well underway at this point. Please don’t hesitate to call ACCA with questions. Just call 334-263-7594 and ask for Sonny Brasfield or Sallie Gowan. This morning, ACCA is sending notice to its statewide media list that these events are planned and urging members of the news media to contact their local county engineer for details.

    Rewriting the Alabama Constitution
    The legislatively created Alabama Constitutional Revision Commission has adjourned permanently, but not without adopting recommendations to back four key revisions sought by counties. Stay tuned for more information about what you can do to help move these items through the state Legislature in 2014.

    ACCA Policy Teams hard at work
    There’s an energetic team of county leaders from around the state already working on constitutional revision issues in preparation for the 2014 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature that starts in January, and that’s just one of 12 Policy Teams. Want to see what these groups are doing? Many of them have already had their initial conference calls, and information about their work is posted online. There’s still time to volunteer too — just email Mary Pons.

    More legislative preparations at ACCA District Meetings
    That’s right — the Alabama Legislature will be back in session starting Jan. 14, so counties have to get ready to play offense by advocating for legislation that would be positive for counties and play defense by working against legislation that would hurt county government. What’s the best way to get ready? By attending an ACCA District Meeting, of course! These meetings start next week, with the first one in Elmore County on Oct. 16 and then Pike County  on Oct. 17. Use the links in the previous sentence to register online.

    It’s still hurricane season awhile longer…
    Tropical Storm Karen did not churn across the state from south to north as early forecasts had predicted, but what if it had? County officials and employees beyond the Emergency Management Agency have big roles to play in responding and recovering from disasters, and there’s still time to register for a class to help those outside EMA be ready. County elected officials and staff members can earn educational credit for Disaster Relief 101, offered Oct. 16 and 17.