New Association Leadership Steps Up

  • Published: August 22, 2017
  • mckinnon-08-22

    In the life of the Association, each year builds up to a single 24-hour span that is Election Day and Inauguration Day rolled into one.

    In 2017, this eventful day of choosing and transitioning to new leadership falls on August 24, which is the grand finale of ACCA’s 89th Annual Convention.

    That day’s luncheon will be devoted to saluting Marshall County Commissioner Bill Stricklend, who has faithfully served as Association president for the 2016-17 year. Stricklend will be recognized for his distinguished service to all 67 counties, and he will rotate into the position of immediate past president for 2017-18. As a past president, he will continue to serve on the Association’s board while he is in office.

    However, that day he will retain the gavel for a few more hours until the afternoon Business Session. Dale County Commissioner Steve McKinnon currently serves as president-elect, and he is expected to officially become president during that meeting. At the same time, the current vice president, Commissioner Tony Cherry of Choctaw County, is expected to move into the position of president-elect.

    A change has been proposed to the ACCA bylaws that would expand the Legislative Committee so that every county is represented. The ACCA Board of Directors recommended the change in June, and it will be decided during the Business Session.

    Also during that session, the Nominating Committee will officially report recommendations for a new vice president and minority director. Candidates for these positions came forward in July and interviewed with the committee in advance. The committee’s recommendations will have been announced to convention-goers the day before during a General Session.

    Much of the day’s suspense comes from selection of the next year’s Board of Directors. Counties from each of the Association’s 12 districts will caucus to fill these positions during the Business Session. To be listed on a district’s official ballot, candidates for the Board submitted forms to the ACCA office no later than August 11. Every county will want to be represented during the caucuses, and each county has one vote.

    Be there! Business Session, 3:45 p.m., August 24 | ACCA Annual Convention

    The convention’s last day is capped off by the President’s Banquet, where McKinnon will present his priorities for the coming year, and then the President’s Inaugural Celebration.

    Anyone with questions about election procedures is encouraged to contact Jennifer Datcher (334-263-7594 // ). Additional details are available online at