Resources from 2014 ACAA Conference

  • Published: May 23, 2014

    Collected below are links, handouts and presentations from the 2014 Association of County Administrators of Alabama Conference.



    NACo Grants Clearinghouse (County officials and employees must create a free NACo online account to use this site)

    Donna Key, Director of Events and Education


    Changes in FEMA Reimbursement for Debris Pickup and the ACCA Debris Contracts

    Michael Johnson, Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and Mary Pons, ACCA Association Counsel

    [download id=”1650″], [download id=”1637″], [download id=”1636″] (Word .docx)


    Should County Money Be Independent of the Alabama Trust Fund?

    Sonny Brasfield, ACCA Executive Director

    [download id=”1638″]


    Energy Service Company Contracts

    Bill Dempsey, Houston County Administrator

    [download id=”1639″]




    Employment Issues (Employee Discipline/Termination/Unemployment/Sexual Harassment)

     Jamie Kidd, Attorney, Webb & Eley, P.C.

    [download id=”1640″]


    Examiners Report

    James Hall, Examiners of Public Accounts

    [download id=”1641″] 


    Proper Use of Inmate Labor

    Ken Webb, Attorney, Webb & Eley, P.C.

    [download id=”1642″]


    Do You Know a Bad Contract When You See One?

    Ken Webb, Attorney, Webb & Eley, P.C.

     [download id=”1643″]


    Closing the Courthouse: How, Who and Why

    Mary Pons, ACCA Association Counsel

    [download id=”1644″], [download id=”1645″]


    What About Credit Cards?

    Mary Pons, ACCA Association Counsel

    [download id=”1647″], [download id=”1648″], [download id=”1649″]