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Foundation Principle

The relationship between Alabama counties and the Alabama Legislature is established in constitutional and statutory law. The preservation of a constitutional relationship between the State of Alabama and its counties as well as a workable and productive statutory allocation of responsibilities between the state and the counties is essential to the delivery of services.  Therefore, Alabama counties encourage the Alabama Legislature to fully fund state agencies and opposes the shifting of costs and administrative responsibility of state functions to the local level through the state budget process.

Strategic Goals

In furtherance of this Foundation Principle, the Association will actively pursue the passage of legislation to accomplish the following strategic goals:

→ To shift the statutorily-required publication of legal notices from a “newspaper” to publication on a website maintained by the state or by each individual county.

→ To provide a constitutional amendment to ensure open debate of local legislation.

Legislative Policy

In addition to its strategic goals, the Association has adopted the following legislative policy consistent with this Foundation Principle:

♦ Opposition to removing or impeding local control of the county department of human resources.

♦ Opposition to abolishing regional planning commissions.

♦ Support for continued application of current constitutional and statutory provisions providing that elected officials can only be removed from office through the process of impeachment.

♦ Support for Alabama’s current structure for enacting or amending state general or local laws and belief that no provision allowing for citizen referendum should be enacted.

♦ Belief that individual property rights must be balanced with adequate means to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens.

♦ Belief that any additional restrictions on the use of constitutional and statutory procedures for condemnation of private property for necessary governmental purposes will serve to harm the collective well-being of all citizens.

♦ Opposition to restricting or limiting a county commission’s authority to independently make decisions related to county property.

♦ Opposition to shifting the control of county property to the oversight of a legislatively- established committee or state agency. Specifically, the Association strongly opposes the requirement that movement or renaming of monuments, buildings or streets be approved by such a committee.

♦ Support for local legislation providing for six (6) year terms of office for County Commissioners.