The term “loss control” refers to anything designed to reduce risk among fund members. When risk is reduced, costs are reduced too for all fund members, individually and collectively.

Loss control representatives travel the state performing on-site evaluations to identify risks and then recommend solutions.


Animal Strikes, April 2011 Slip, Trip & Fall Hazards, January 2014
Prevention checklist
Clearing the Right of Way,  July 2006  Storm Damage Procedure, September 2004
Debris Removal Safety Tips, September 2004 Storm-damaged Timber, December 2004
Driver Distractions, January 2011 Strains & Sprains, July 2011
Emergency Exit Routes, January 2012 Tire Inflation Safety Cages, April 2012
Hydraulic Pressure Tools, October 2007 Truck Bed Liners, May 2008
Inmate Labor, September 2012 Vehicle Maintenance, July 2012
Ladders, April 2011 Vehicle Safety Policy, revised September 2012
Loading & Unloading Equipment, October 2010 Vehicle Walk Around, June 2012
Mobile Operations, October 2012 Violence & Harassment Prevention, April 2012
Positive Attitude, October 2011 Winter Driving Safety, January 2014
Shop Safety, April 2011  


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Loss control representatives by district