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Foundation Principle:

The county governing body serves as both the legislative and administrative branch of government at the local level – carrying out both budgetary duties as well as providing administrative leadership for many functions.  The budgetary, personnel and administrative functions carried out by the county commission are essential to the financial and operational health of county government in Alabama.  The Association opposes any efforts that will obstruct the commission’s ability to effectively govern and to maintain the administrative and financial well-being of the services delivered by the county commission.

Strategic Goals

In furtherance of this Foundation Principle, the Association will actively pursue the passage of legislation to accomplish the following strategic goals:

To provide that the county commission sets the hours of operation of county offices.

To clarify statutory language related to use of county warrants and bonds.

To protect counties, officials, employees, or agents against liability for official actions provided there is no change in the statutory damage cap for awards against counties.

To require municipalities to provide animal control services within its jurisdictional limits or contribute a pro rata share of services provided by the county.

To amend the membership of the Alabama Local Government Training Institute to ensure representation of those groups participating in its programs and to allow the Institute to award certification to local emergency management programs.

To clarify that only the elected local tax official may approve a settlement of lawsuits challenging the appraised value of property for ad valorem purposes.

Legislative Policy

In addition to its strategic goals, the Association has adopted the following legislative policy consistent with this Foundation Principle:

Opposition to changes in the current CDARS Program and public depository law that could result in greater risk to the stability of county deposits.

Belief that the Open Records Law adequately protects a citizen’s right to access of public documents.

Opposition to efforts to remove or increase the current statutory damage cap in actions brought against county officials or employees or to repeal the prohibition against punitive damages.

Opposition to any efforts to require counties to pay attorney fees.

Support for the county commission role in adopting and enforcing the county budget and opposition to any efforts to weaken or direct the county commission’s exercise of this legislative authority.

Opposition to requiring the county commission to vote or take action on a particular measure or issue.

Support for limiting use of out-of-state cooperative programs for purchases available on county joint bid list.