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The 2018 Legislative Priorities were presented to the ACCA Board of Directors and approved at its meeting on December 6, 2017. The Board of Directors directed the ACCA Staff to actively pursue passage of legislation on any or all of the strategic goals.


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Sale of Tax Liens

Update! Status: Act 2018-577 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

Under existing law, counties have the option to sell their outstanding tax liens on real property. The purchaser of the tax liens obtains the right to collect all delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and costs with respect to the property. HB 354 would revise the tax lien sale procedures for counties to authorize tax liens to be sold at auction to the bidder with the lowest interest rate.



Updates to Simplified Sellers Use Tax (SSUT)

Update! Status: Act 2018-539 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

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The Association, in collaboration with the Department of Revenue, supports technical changes to the SSUT law that will ensure the efficient collection of this emerging revenue source for state and local governments. These technical changes will ensure out-of-state online retailers do not have a competitive advantage over in-state businesses.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

UPDATE Status: Act 2018-471 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

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This legislation that would allow local government workers’ compensation programs to process claims through the Local Government Health Insurance Program (LGHIP) utilizing BlueCross BlueShield. In order to implement this program adjustment, LGHIP’s authority needs to be expanded to include the processing of workers’ compensation claims. Amending the current law will potentially be a significant cost benefit to counties and improve efficiency with the current system.

Purchasing Air Units for Local Governments

Update! Status: Act 2018-413 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

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Local governments and school boards purchase a number of items from approved purchasing cooperatives. This bill would allow a limited exception for the purchase and installation of heating and air conditioning units for county, municipal and local school boards from those national cooperatives approved by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.

Dark Store Theory

Updated! Status: Act 2018-265 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

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Championed among big-box stores, the Dark Store Theory is a property valuation concept that suggests commercial properties be appraised and valued as if they are vacant or “dark.” These retailers argue that their stores should be assessed based on “comparable sales,” stating that their stores are built for a specific purpose and would have little appeal to the next occupant, diminishing the property’s value.

Improving Emergency Response in Alabama

UPDATE Status: Act 2018-94 signed by Gov. Kay Ivey

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In the midst of a natural disaster, external conditions often make it difficult for local government bodies to convene a quorum, which delays their ability to make critical decisions that protect the community. This act authorizes the county commission chairperson to declare that emergency conditions exist in the county, following an official declaration by the Governor’s Office. This change will allow local governments to be more prompt and efficient in the delivery of services to citizens during emergency situations.

Additionally, the Alabama Disaster Recovery Program already provides financial assistance to counties and municipalities following certain disasters. This act also authorizes the Alabama Disaster Recovery Program to provide financial assistance to individuals and certain nonprofit facilities.