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Foundation Principle

The State of Alabama is responsible for administration of state courts and public safety agencies and for providing public health and mental health services for the citizens of this state.  The Association believes the Alabama Legislature should adequately fund each state agency responsible for delivery of these critical government services and opposes any legislative or administrative efforts that mandate counties to assume any responsibility for these state functions or that force county government to assume state functions due to the state’s failure to adequately meet its financial or administrative responsibilities.  Additionally, since local government plays an important role in providing emergency services at the local level, the Association urges the Legislature to ensure there is adequate funding for local programs and that state and local agencies work in partnership for the safety and well-being of all citizens of this state.  

Strategic Goals

In furtherance of this Foundation Principle, the Association will actively pursue the passage of legislation to accomplish the following strategic goals:

→ To amend current Alabama law allowing the statewide 911 Board to expend administrative funds to support the funding and operation of next generation technology projects a secure statewide network to connect and deliver 911 communications.

→ To clarify the procedures by which a county government may declare a local state of emergency following a formal declaration from the Governor’s Office.

→ To improve and expand spay-neuter services throughout the state, provided there is no requirement that counties fund such services.

→ To establish a state-wide uniform pistol permit fee provided that current local laws on distribution are not repealed and all fees are distributed to local government.

→ To amend current Alabama law to create a more equitable financial allocation between local and state governments for the housing, medical care, and transportation of juveniles.

Legislative Policy

In addition to its strategic goals, the Association has adopted the following legislative policy consistent with this Foundation Principle:

♦ Opposition to any juvenile justice reform efforts that would result in increased cost or administrative responsibility on a county without the county commissions consent.

♦ Support for legislative or administrative procedures to reduce or eliminate county costs for transportation of mental health patients.

♦ Opposition to prohibiting state law enforcement officers from conducting investigations or providing other services on county roads.

♦ Support to provide adequate funding to ensure that ambulance services are available throughout the county.

♦ Support to protect the county commission against the payment of any costs or penalties issued as a result of any local elected official defying a validly-issued court order.

♦ Opposition to any legislation authorizing a person to carry a firearm in a vehicle without a valid pistol permit.

♦ Support for shifting regulation of certain prefabricated storm shelters from the Department of Finance to the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission.

♦ Belief that the statewide 911 Board should conduct only those activities delegated by the Legislature.

♦ Belief that 911 services are best provided through locally operated and administered boards without statewide coordination and encouraging the statewide 911 Board to seek meaningful input from existing 911 district boards and personnel in developing any proposed reforms or initiatives.

♦ Support for restoring state EMA revenues in the state general fund budget to ensure both state and county EMA programs receive proper funding.

♦ Support for adequate funding of state supplements paid to counties with a certified county EMA director.

♦ Support ensuring the State has sufficient resources to assist county governments with the protection of the public’s health and safety in the event of an environmental emergency.

♦ Support for legislative and administrative efforts to implement state-funded video conferencing for certain court appearances and to expand the use of video court proceedings in the state.

♦ Belief that debris placed on the right of way of a state road following a disaster event is the State of Alabama’s responsibility and should be removed at state expense.

♦ Support legislation requiring that a driver’s license testing office be open in each county for no less than two days per month.

♦ Support authorizing Emergency Management Agency vehicles to utilize emergency lights and sirens as other emergency vehicles.

♦ Support legislation to clarify that the County Commission is not liable for the improper expenditures of funds authorized by law to be expended at the “sole discretion” of a particular elected official.

♦ Support legislation amending Alabama law to remove the requirement that the sheriff must be appointed conservator or guardianship of an incapacitated person if no other suitable person qualifies as general conservator.

♦ Support for legislation imposing an express duty to require service providers to collect and remit the monthly statewide 911 fee from all of their applicable customers, and further authorize the statewide 911 Board to take audit and collection actions, as necessary, to enforce such collections.