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Foundation Principle

The county commission is responsible for proper construction, maintenance, and repair of all roads and bridges in the county road system.  The Association believes it is essential that the county commission have adequate federal, state, and/or local funding to meet the many needs of its rural transportation system.  Additionally, the Association believes that, in order to keep roads and bridges properly maintained for the safety and well-being of the traveling public, the county commission must have broad regulatory authority related to the use of county-maintained roads and bridges, including the ability to collect reimbursement from persons or entities causing damage to those roads and bridges.

Strategic Goals

In furtherance of this Foundation Principle, the Association will actively pursue the passage of legislation to accomplish the following strategic goals:

→ To provide adequate funding of road and bridge projects, provided counties receive an equitable portion of funding utilizing the current gas tax formula.

→ To establish the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program 2 (ATRIP-2) providing a $1.2 billion bond issue for the rehabilitation and improvement of county and municipal roads and bridges.

→ To amend the Alabama bid law to exempt the repair of brand name equipment by the factory-authorized dealer.

Legislative Policy

In addition to its strategic goals, the Association has adopted the following legislative policy consistent with this Foundation Principle:

♦ Support for allowing the county commission to call a local referendum to impose a renewable temporary local gasoline and motor fuel tax to fund specified local road and bridge projects.

♦ Opposition to any measures, including budget appropriations, which would divert taxes currently earmarked for roads and bridges to other state functions.

♦ Opposition to reducing the current level of federal or state funding for county road and bridge projects.

♦ Opposition to weakening Alabama’s law related to weight or axle-spacing restrictions on state and county roads or to add new exemptions to such laws.

♦ Support for providing that fines collected from persons convicted of driving overweight vehicles on county roads and bridges be distributed to the county’s road and bridge fund.

♦ Opposition to establishing a commission to administer the Alabama Department of Transportation.

♦ Opposition to any changes to current law setting speed limits on unposted county roads.

♦ Support for amending current motor fuel and gasoline tax statutes to include taxation of any alternative fuels utilized to propel any motorized vehicle.

♦ Support for amending Alabama’s severance tax law to ensure that counties receive proceeds sufficient to ensure proper maintenance and repair of roads and bridges utilized for the transportation of materials severed within the county.

♦ Support amending the Alabama Public Works Law to exempt the awarding of annual in- place contracts for the paving and resurfacing of county roads.