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  • Published: July 18, 2016
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    1. DRIVE Alabama 10-year county plans

    Last Thursday, over half the state’s county engineers participated in a webinar to showcase DRIVE Alabama’s next statewide advocacy project: the 10-year Road and Bridge report. Each county engineer is urged to complete the attached form, and return it to Terri Reynolds (treynolds@alabamacounties.org) by Monday, August 1, 2016.

    The Association staff will use the form information to develop a report explaining how your county would utilize the extra monies generated from a modest gas tax increase of six-cents per gallon. The ACCA Annual Convention agenda includes a presentation designed to show county leaders how to best utilize these “reports” when talking with legislators and members of the community.


    2. Attn: County-established Hospital Authorities

    Time is running out for county-established hospital authorities to participate in this year’s Debt Setoff Program.  As part of the 2016 program, one of the state’s small rural hospitals received more than $200,000 in revenue from the program. Counties that wish to have their hospitals included for the 2017 year are urged to contact a member of the Association staff no later than Tuesday, July 26.

    A webinar for hospitals interested in the program will be held on Thursday, July 28. For more information about joining the webinar, please contact Lauren Westbrook (lwestbrook@alabamacounties.org).


    3. Safety Deadlines Approaching  

    It is extremely important that counties send in a current County-wide Safety Committee List to mcollier@alabamacounties.org by this Friday, July 22. Having outdated information could have a major impact on your county’s qualifications in meeting the requirements of the Safety Incentive Discount Program (SIDP), and it could possibly affect the annual Safety Dividends and Safety Awards.

    Speaking of Safety Awards, any county wanting to be considered for a Safety Award must complete this form stating what you have been doing to improve safety and reduce losses in your county. Email your form to mcollier@alabamacounties.org by Wednesday, July 27.


    4. Update on Alabama County Joint Bid Program

    Work is well underway on the 2017 bidding process for the Alabama County Joint Bid Program for heavy equipment, herbicides and road signs. Current prices are good through the end of the calendar year, and more than a dozen teams are busily preparing specifications for sign materials, herbicides and heavy equipment ranging from dump trucks to one-man pothole patchers. Nearly 30 county engineers and assistants volunteer their time and expertise for this annual effort that can save time and money for every county. This massive undertaking is a terrific example of “67 counties, One voice” in action, and the volunteers are greatly appreciated!


    5. Mosquito and Vector Control Programs

    The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are developing a nationwide electronic survey to administer to local vector control districts and health departments about mosquito and vector control strategies. They expect to distribute the survey by or before Tuesday, July 26.

    If your county performs or contracts out vector surveillance and control activities, please have the person best suited to respond to such questions send their Name/Title/Email/Phone/Department to Terri Reynolds (treynolds@alabamacounties.org) so that Alabama counties will be represented in the survey results.



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    “Tag” the Association on Social Media

    If you have a social media post that might interest other counties, please be sure to “tag” ACCA so that it can be seen more broadly in the county family. And ACCA is looking for posts from the local level to share and retweet!

    Facebook: When keying in post comment, type @Association of County Commissions of Alabama and Facebook will automatically link it to ACCA’s page. (The @ symbol will disappear when the link is activated.)

    Twitter: All it takes to tag the Association on twitter is to key in @AlabamaCounties

    P.S. If you are headed to the NACo conference in California, we would like you to tag the Association – especially if it is a moment that illustrates #ALCountiesWork or #67counties1voice


    key icon, dark blue round metallic internet button, web and mobi KEY DATES THIS WEEK

    TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016

    1st Day | Alabama Association of 9-1-1 Districts (AAND) Workshop (ends 7/20)


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    10:30 a.m. | Webinar, Association of County Administrators of Alabama (ACAA)


    FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    1st Day | National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference (ends 7/25)

    Deadline | Updated County-wide Safety Committee Lists to ACCA (see item 3 above)

    Alabama Delegates Caucus at NACo Conference