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  • Published: October 3, 2016
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    1. ACCA Property Insurance Program Has Begun

    The property insurance coverage provided through the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund, Inc., officially began on Oct. 1. The Association is pleased that 35 counties and county-related entities elected to be a part of this new program. The binders and invoices were sent last week to each participant and the new policy will be sent in the coming days. It is hoped that many other counties and county-related entities that are members of the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund, Inc., will elect to participate in the property program when the first full year of coverage begins on Jan. 1, 2017, which coincides with the service year for liability coverage. For more information, contact Sonny Brasfield at



    2. Educational Opportunities for County Professionals in 2017

    Sign up now! Two major education programs for county professionals – the County Government Education Institute and the Alabama Jail Training Academy – have announced courses for next year, and online registration is open. Each one is custom-tailored for county government in Alabama, whether it is specific to an area of county operations (jail, 9-1-1, EMA, etc.) or a more general overview of county functions, such as finance and revenue.

    County Government Education Institute Schedule 2017

    Alabama Jail Training Institute Schedule 2017


    3. Alabama Juvenile Justice Task Force Pushes Forward

    Last week the Alabama Juvenile Justice Task Force continued its efforts to address this ever-increasing cost burden on county government, with special priority on housing expenses and transportation costs. The meeting featured a detailed presentation from Cary McMillan, Juvenile Director of the Administrative Office of Courts, who discussed the current options for counties and juvenile detention centers seeking to utilize video conferencing for hearings. The Task Force’s October meeting will focus on addressing recidivism, reducing the population in juvenile detention centers and proposing local cost share measures to ease the financial burden on counties.


    4.  EMA Task Force Pressing On

    Subcommittees of the Alabama Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Task Force met last week to make recommendations on sustainable, long-term funding for state and local emergency management services; post-disaster event recovery; and operational efficiency. The county voice was well represented, with participation from Coffee County Commissioner Dean Smith, EMA directors Eric Jones (Elmore County) and Jonathan Gaddy (Calhoun County) as well as Elmore County Engineer Richie Beyer. The Task Force is working to make policy recommendations before the end of the year so that any necessary legislation could be introduced in the next regular session.


    5. Application Deadline Extended for PLAN 2018

    PLAN 2016 honored at 2016 ACCA Convention

    PLAN 2016 honored at 2016 ACCA Convention

    If you enter your second commission term in November, now is the time to plan how you will take your effectiveness to the next level. PLAN, ACCA’s Practical Leadership Action Network, is a leadership development program for commissioners, chairs and chair/probate judges who were first elected in 2012 and who will begin their second term of office in November 2016.

    PLAN will emphasize hands-on learning about successful programs in other Alabama counties, the state Legislature, Congress, as well as ACCA’s insurance funds and affiliate organizations for key county staff leaders (emergency managers, engineers, administrators, etc.).

    As part of PLAN 2018, each participant will be mentored by a member of the PLAN 2016 class, and – with the input of their peers – will implement a “passion project” in their home county. Apply today!

    PLAN 2018

    Information Packet & Application

    Hot 5′s Hot Tip

    bigstock-Hot-Tip-80952245 button 2 onlyGrassroots Group on Facebook – Save Our RSA Retirement

    facebook-colorWhat grassroots network, more than 60,000 members strong, is working to protect the Retirement Systems of Alabama? That would be the Facebook group “Save Our RSA Retirement,” which is working to combat efforts to undermine RSA’s leadership and services. The group was founded almost 5 years ago by two retired firefighters and is a tremendous resource for information on current events as well as opportunities for advocacy. In Facebook, you can go to the “Save Our RSA Retirement” group’s page and tap the button labelled “Join Group.”





    10:30 a.m. ACCA Webinar | 2016 Proposed Constitutional Amendments



    4 p.m., Association of County Administrators of Alabama (ACAA) 2017 Legislative Review Task Force





    10 a.m. Bid Opening | Alabama County Joint Bid Program