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  • Published: February 20, 2017
  • This Week’s Top 5 Things You Need to Know

    PLUS… HOT TIP: 3 Reasons to Love Tracking Charts

    PLUS… Key Dates This Week


    1. @ the Statehouse

    The unified voice of county government welcomes leaders from Butler, Elmore, Geneva, Marengo, Mobile, Monroe, Morgan, Perry, Pickens, Pike, St. Clair and Walker counties to Montgomery on Wednesday for the first County Day at the Legislature of the 2017 session. The Association staff looks forward to a strong showing of county leaders at the Statehouse this week!

    All 2017 County Days have been scheduled for Wednesdays to allow county leaders to actively participate in the committee process and make it easier to get face time with local legislators.

    County leaders are encouraged to use the ACCA67 phone application’s Legislative Directory to contact their local legislators in advance to let them know you will be in town and schedule a 10-minute meeting.


    2. Documents for Liability Longevity Bonus Due March 15

    The Longevity Bonus, which is being made available to county members of the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund, Inc., is a one-time bonus of 15 percent of the county’s 2017 liability premium-contribution.

    To be eligible, county Fund Members must adopt, sign and return their resolution and participation agreement by March 15.  Details are explained in this memo, which was sent to county Fund Members last month. Questions? Contact Marcia Collier ( // 334-263-7594).


    3. Press Conference on Medicaid for County Inmates

    Sen. Cam Ward will hold a press conference at the Statehouse tomorrow morning to discuss SB 54, the ACCA priority bill that would allow the temporary reinstatement of Medicaid benefits for a Medicaid-eligible county inmate admitted to the hospital for over 24 hours. ACCA President-Elect Steve McKinnon (Dale County) will join Senator Ward and other proponents to discuss the cost-saving potential for counties should this legislation pass. County leaders will be able to access media coverage of the press conference on the Association’s website, phone app, and social media pages.

    In addition, SB 54 is on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s agenda this week. The panel meets in Room 325 Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. or immediately following the Confirmations Committee.


    4. Ethics Reminders

    If you have any questions about these ethics requirements, please call the Association at 334-263-7594.

    • Commissioners elected & re-elected in 2016

    Time is growing short to complete statutorily-required ethics training if you have not already done so. The deadline is March 16, and this requirement can be met by either attending last month’s commissioner education course or completing the online course from the Alabama Ethics Commission.

    Ethics Training Video

    • New fines for overdue financial disclosures

    If the ethics commission has not received your financial disclosures that were due last spring, you will want to clear this up as soon as possible because the commission voted to begin assessing fines effective Feb. 13. See link below for details.

    Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) Notice | Alabama Ethics Commission

    5. PLAN 2018: Challenges & Commitment

    Second-term commissioners in PLAN 2018 continue to make great strides in growing their Passion, Leadership, Accountability and Networking skills in the Association’s leadership development program. Participants recently developed a mission statement to guide their journey together, and its themes will surely resonate with the whole county family.

    PLAN 2018 Mission Statement:
    Together, 21 second-term county commissioners, elected into an environment of mistrust, unsolved problems, and expanding challenges, commit their collective energy and vision to enhance their leadership skills, hold themselves accountable, and focus their individual passions on the needs of their communities.

    Hot 5′s Hot Tip

    3 Reasons to Love Tracking Charts   bigstock-Hot-Tip-80952245 button 2 only

    The legislative session moves fast, and you’ve got a lot on your plate already, so ACCA is coming to the rescue with Tracking Charts.

    1. Good stuff – There’s one chart devoted to the bills that counties want to pass.
    2. Bad stuff – Danger Bills have their own chart too, and you can see at a glance which ones have moved furthest through the process, making them especially dangerous.
    3. Your stuff – Scroll a little further down the page. If you have a tight focus on bills affecting 9-1-1 or local legislation, there are lists for you too. Each affiliate group has a tracking chart of relevant bills, and there are also separate charts devoted to local bills, probate issues, sheriffs’ issues and property taxes.

    Tracking Charts



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    Presidents Day – ACCA Office Closed

    Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA) Winter Conference, Montgomery


    TUESDAY, FEB. 21

    Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA) Winter Conference, Montgomery

    5:30 p.m. CST | ATRIP-2 Community Meeting in Chambers County, Chambers County Highway Department



    11 a.m. | ACCA County Day #1, Montgomery

    Regular Registration Deadline | County Government Education Institute (CGEI) employee education course: CROAA Safety for the County Revenue Officer, Prattville (March 8-9)

    Regular Registration Deadline | County Government Education Institute (CGEI) employee education course: General Accounting, Prattville (March 8-9)

    Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA) Winter Conference, Montgomery



    2 p.m. | ACCA Legislative Webinar, Webinar Registration

    Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA) Winter Conference, Montgomery



    FRIDAY, FEB. 24

    2017 Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday



    2017 Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday

    National Association of Counties (NACo) Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C.


    SUNDAY, FEB. 26

    4:15 p.m. EST | Alabama Caucus at National Assoc. of Counties (NACo) Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C.