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  • Published: June 8, 2015
  • 1. Accident Prevention for Law Enforcement at SIDP-required training

    There are two options next week to satisfy the deputy training requirements* of the ACCA Self-Insurance Funds’ Safety Incentive Discount Program (SIDP). The free, half-day Below 100 course is offered the morning of June 16 and the afternoon of June 17 in Sylacauga. To register, contact Lt. Rondell Muse ( or 256-401-2439). Additional training dates will be announced.

    * To qualify for the incentive, at least two deputies must attend Below 100 training. (Not the same deputies as last year.) If you have questions about SIDP requirements, contact Henry van Arcken at ACCA (334-263-7594 or


    2. Attn: County Engineers

    The 2015 Alabama Damage Prevention Summit, an annual gathering of parties affected by underground utilities, is coming up next week in Montgomery, June 17-19. In recent years, Alabama counties have worked closely with other stakeholders to make sure revisions to this area of the law are workable for county highway departments. This meeting will be another opportunity to maintain good communication with others on this important issue.


    3. Thank YOU!

    ACCA’s officers, board of directors and legislative staff would like to express sincere appreciation for the efforts of many county officials and employees as part of 67 Counties, ONE Voice during the recent legislative session. You called, texted, emailed and visited legislators. You kept up with all the information generated from State House activities. You calculated – to the penny – the impact of various proposals on your county. And more. Once the governor’s signing deadline has passed, you will receive a comprehensive report. In the meantime, thank you for all you did to protect and improve county government.


    4. Webinars for County Staff Members Return

    With the legislative session over, it is time to resume regular webinars for ACCA’s affiliate groups. The implementation of newly enacted laws can have a big impact on county operations, and these sessions are often a great source of the latest info on these changes. Registration info will be sent soon, and you can go ahead and mark your calendars:

    • Association of County Administrators of Alabama – June 17 at 10:30 a.m.
    • County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama – June 24 at 2 p.m.
    • Association of County Engineers of Alabama – July 9 at 2 p.m.


    5. Ready to Learn More

    According to surveys for Team 2021, county officials and employees want ACCA’s next strategic plan to put a priority on equipping them with additional knowledge and skills. And a number of respondents expressed the high value of ACCA’s current education programs. Here are a few training ideas suggested: safety, budget process and discipline, economic development, leadership, ethics, legislative advocacy, conducting an efficient commission meeting, strengthening working relationships among commissioners, and courses specifically designed for jail staff and road supervisors.


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