Hot 5: New Training Opportunity for Jail Officers

  • Published: April 20, 2015
  • Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Hosting NIJO Training 

    The National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) will be holding a Legal-Based Training Seminar, Proactive Jail Management: Key Litigation Issues & Prisoner Rights, on May 6-8 in Mobile. NIJO, which provides the Alabama Legal-Based Jail Guidelines to the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund and its members, developed the curriculum for the Alabama Jail Training Academy.  (NOTE: This training is not part of the Safety Incentive Discount Program and is not reimbursable by ACCA.)  For more information contact NIJO at 801-810-5245 or


    Ethics Filings Due April 30

    All elected officials in Alabama and many government employees are required by law to file a Statement of Economic Interests disclosure with the Alabama Ethics Commission each year. Disclosures containing information about 2014 must be submitted by Thursday, April 30. Forms and instructions are online, including a new user-friendly online form.


    Secure Rural Schools Program Reauthorized for 2 Years

    Last week President Obama signed into law a two-year reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools program, which provides federal funding to public schools and county government in counties with National Forest lands. That means critical revenue for 17 Alabama counties — Bibb, Calhoun, Cherokee, Chilton, Clay, Cleburne, Covington, Dallas, Escambia, Franklin, Hale, Lawrence, Macon, Perry, Talladega, Tuscaloosa and Winston.


    Paving Workshop for Asphalt Laydown Inspectors 

    ALDOT is encouraging counties to attend a RoadTec Paving Workshop for asphalt laydown inspectors. The workshop is May 5-6 in Chattanooga, TN, and this email message from ALDOT contains an agenda and additional details.


    Great Audits for ACCA Self-Insurance Funds, Meadowbrook

    Meadowbrook Insurance Group, which handles many administrative duties for the ACCA Self-Insurance Funds, recently earned excellent audit ratings for claims administration. The workers’ comp department scored 99%, and the liability department scored 96.4%, which the independent auditor noted was one of the best liability audit scores he had seen. Congratulations to Meadowbrook’s claims staff for their attention to detail, professionalism, and service to members of the ACCA insurance programs. For more information about ACCA’s insurance programs contact Henry van Arcken at


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