Hot 5: Paving Way for Economic Development

  • Published: February 23, 2015
  • PAVED links transportation infrastructure to economic development

    ACCA has joined with business, higher education and other governmental organizations in the state to form the Partnership for Alabama’s Vision for Economic Development (PAVED) to build support for improving the state’s transportation system. An adequate transportation system is essential for Alabama’s economy to grow, and PAVED points out that there are 13 counties that lack four-lane access to an interstate, putting those communities at a disadvantage when competing for new and expanding businesses.


    On Your Mark

    One week from tomorrow will be a big day in Montgomery, with the newly elected legislators going into regular session at noon and Gov. Robert Bentley giving his “State of the State” address that evening. The session must conclude no later than June 15, so that is as many as 15 weeks for leaders to advance proposals to benefit county government and to defend against measures that would harm county government.


    New Legislative Tracking System

    For 2015 county officials and employees will have a new tool to help them keep tabs on fast-moving legislative proposals. ACCA members will be able to use the new Legislative Tracking System to monitor local legislation as well as statewide bills important to counties, and there’s an orientation webinar on Thursday from 1:30-2 p.m. Each county is encouraged to have at least one person participating in the webinar. Questions? Contact Terri Sharpley Reynolds ( or 334-263-7594).


    Jail Training Draws Overflow Crowd

    The Alabama Jail Training Academy got off to a great start last week, with more than 75 people representing 20+ counties enrolled in two days of professional development focusing on officer responsibilities and offender supervision. The next class offering is Inmate Management on April 15-16, and registration will be capped at 75 because of space limitations. ACCA expresses special appreciation to the veteran county jail officers who served as faculty, to the Alabama Sheriffs Association for support and leadership, and to the National Institute for Jail Operations for developing the custom-tailored curriculum.


    The Myth of Multitasking

    As county officials and employees take steps to improve safety, this article “A One-Track Mind Behind the Wheel (or Not)” is a good reminder of the perils of distracted driving. Experts say that what is commonly called multitasking is really just the human brain switching quickly among different tasks, and our performance drops off when our focus is split.



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