Legislative Relations | Hot 5

  • Published: November 30, 2015
  • 1. Legislative & Governmental Relations for County Officials & Employees

    Whether you are relatively new to county government or looking to brush up your skills for protecting and advancing county government at the Alabama State House, there is a timely course for you. The Alabama Local Government Training Institute and County Government Education Institute are teaming up to offer a two-day class in Legislative & Governmental Relations on Jan. 27 & 28. That’s right – that is less than a week before state legislators reconvene in Montgomery for the 2016 Regular Session. You will come away with a practical understanding of legislative lingo, process, tracking and ACCA’s role that will be invaluable to you. County officials and employees will be in class together, and the registration process is separate to make sure that everyone gets proper credit for their certification programs.

    2. Frequently Asked Questions | Holiday Edition

    Every year around this time there are numerous questions from members about holiday-related issues such as closing offices on additional days or providing bonuses or other gifts to county employees. Alabama law is quite specific – and strict – about these practices, and ACCA has prepared this 3-page primer, complete with code citations and AG opinion numbers that have bearing on this issue. Historically the Examiners of Public Accounts have reviewed these situations carefully, and if you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact the ACCA office at 334-263-7594. ACCA FACT SHEET: Office Closings, Bonus/Incentive Pay, & Holiday Dinners and Gifts.


    3. ACCA Partners 2015-16

    There are many private sector organizations that work closely with county government throughout the state, and ACCA is especially appreciative of the 50+ entities that have formalized that relationship by becoming ACCA Partners for 2015-16. Many of them will be represented at the ACCA Legislative Conference this week, so if you see a company representative with a nametag indicating ACCA Partner, please thank them for supporting county government and “67 counties, One Voice.”


    4. Road Supervisors Training

    The Association of County Engineers is once again offering a special two-day course for county staff members with job titles such as road supervisor, lead operator, crew supervisor, foreman, road superintendent and others with similar responsibilities. It will be a great opportunity for training that is custom-tailored for Alabama county highway department employees, with topics including equipment maintenance and safety, call before you dig, maintenance techniques for paved & unpaved road surfaces and work zone safety. You can preview the agenda and complete online registration at ACEA Road Supervisors Training, Feb. 1-2, Prattville.


    5. More Focus on Road Funding

    The Legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee will turn its attention to the state’s declining road and bridge system on Tuesday.  The 10:00 a.m. meeting at the Alabama State House will feature an in-depth look at the state’s transportation needs and the struggles our state will face should the Legislature fail to act during the 2016 session. County officials are encouraged to attend the meeting to show their support for the funding needed to address the massive deficient in funding for Alabama’s county roads and bridges. For more information, contact Terri Reynolds at treynolds@alabamacounties.org or 334-263-7594.



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