Monday Memo | August 1

  • Published: August 1, 2022

    Remarks from ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield

    If you haven’t listened to the 2 North Jackson Podcast, please take a few minutes out of your schedule to do so. I think you’ll find the insights on the economy, our mental health crisis and the need for cooperation during the transition very interesting. County government is so much more than potholes and courthouses. Staying informed can only help us speak more effectively with our ONE Voice.


    This week’s need-to-know information from ACCA

    2 North Jackson Podcast’s July episode available for listening

    County Family members are encouraged to listen to the July 2022 episode of ACCA’s monthly 2 North Jackson Podcast. This month’s episode features informative discussions between ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield and guest experts on financial planning, local-level challenges in mental health and preparations for incoming county leadership. County Family members are reminded they can always access current and previous episodes of the 2 North Jackson Podcast through the ACCA website and their favorite podcast streaming app. Contact Abby Fitzpatrick, ACCA Director of Communication and Engagement, for podcast questions or assistance.

    “Charting Our Journey” edition of County Commission magazine arrives in county mailboxes

    The latest issue of the County Commission Magazine is dedicated exclusively to what county leaders can expect from the ACCA 94th Convention. Printed copies of the issue arrived in county mailboxes this past week, but County Family members can also access a digital version on the ACCA website. For questions or assistance related to Convention participation, contact the ACCA Events and Education Team.

    ACCA Insurance Boards to meet, set rates this week

    This week, the two boards overseeing the ACCA Self-Insurance Funds will meet to set member premium contributions for the coming year. These rates, and any possible insurance refunds, will be discussed during the Funds’ Annual Membership Meeting later this month. The meeting will also include details on the rate-setting process and the Funds’ financial status. Each participating county is urged to have representation in the meeting later this month, scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, from 2:15-3:15 p.m., in conjunction with the ACCA 94th Annual Convention in Orange Beach.

    County Family charts its journey at this month’s ACCA Convention

    The start of August marks three weeks until the County Family gathers in Orange Beach for the ACCA Convention. This year’s Convention is themed “Charting Our Journey” as the County Family prepares to adjust to the impacts of recent years and embark upon its new statewide strategic plan amidst the new legislative quadrennium.

    If you have not yet signed up, we encourage you to register for the Convention. County Family members who have yet to make room reservations or have a Convention-related question, may contact the Association’s Events and Education Team.

    ACCA Board nominations process closes August 11

    Less than two weeks remain for County Commissioners to submit their nomination to serve on the ACCA 2022-2023 Board of Directors. 

    The Board includes representatives from each of the Association’s 12 districts. Please note that the ACCA districts were adjusted this past year to reflect 2020 Census data. County Leaders can access a Board nomination form, including an updated map of ACCA’s district lines, and additional information on the position’s requirements here. Nomination forms should be completed and emailed by August 11 to Lisa Fiore, ACCA Policy and Member Services Assistant.


    Wednesday, August 3, 10-11 a.m.
    Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Fund Meeting |
    ACCA Headquarters

    Thursday, August 4, 10-11 a.m.
    Liability Self-Insurance Fund Meeting | ACCA Headquarters