Monday Memo | February 3

  • Published: February 3, 2020

    Remarks from ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield

    With the District Meetings behind us, now is a great time to hit the “reset” button and remind you of the work of our outstanding staff. Here is a link to a quick overview of some of the duties and responsibilities of our full-time staff members. I hope you’ll look at this document closely, keep it as a reference, and call directly on the staff member who can help you on any given day on any county-related issue. The Legislative Session begins tomorrow, but our service to counties will carry on in so many other areas. Have a great week!


    This week’s need-to-know information from ACCA

    2020 Legislative Session begins tomorrow, Feb. 4

    Members of the Alabama Legislature will gavel in the 2020 Regular Session tomorrow. Have you shared this year’s county legislative priorities with your legislators? If you have yet to do so, be sure to let your state lawmakers know we need their support on these important county issues.

    ACCA Twitter competition to kick off with Legislative Session

    The ACCA’s friendly Twitter competition among all 67 counties and the Association’s five affiliate organizations — titled Tweet2Advocate — begins tomorrow with the 2020 Regular Session. All County Family Members are encouraged to take advantage of this fun, yet critical, opportunity to advocate for county issues to the more than 60% of the Legislature that utilizes Twitter for policy discussion and decision-making purposes. Competing in Tweet2Advocate is easy. For Elected Officials, simply include #ALpolitics and #Your County (e.g, #Autauga, #Winston) in every Tweet. For County Employees, include #ALpolitics, #Your County and #Your Affiliate Acronym (e.g., #ACAA, #CROAA) in every tweet. For complete Tweet2Advocate details, click here.

    Counties urged to act now, shield themselves from serious cyber threats involving Windows operating systems

    Attention, Members of the ACCA Self-Funded Insurance Programs! Beware of serious cyber threats involving Windows operating systems! Microsoft just released patches for critical vulnerabilities in Windows, particularly related to the Windows Remote Desktop (CVE-2020-0609CVE-2020-0610CVE-2020-0611) and the Validation of Security Certificates (CVE-2020-0601). Our IT experts have stated that the Windows Remote Desktop vulnerability could allow a bad actor to access machines on a network or potentially even a server, breaking down how the Remote Desktop works — and the Security Certificates vulnerability could cause Windows to trust malicious software or sites, allowing malware or fake HTTPS connections to appear as trusted sources. Both of these vulnerabilities affect machines running Windows 10 operating systems, including Windows server versions 2016 and 2019. Please have your IT team or provider read this entire security alert to ensure Microsoft’s January patches are applied as soon as possible.

    New ACCA 2nd Floor Conference Room to be fully operational later this month

    Renovations on the new ACCA 2nd Floor Conference Room are now in the final stages. To be completed in time for the first ACCA County Day on Feb. 26, the new conference room will provide counties with a much-needed dedicated space for future educational trainings and courses and small special events, such as County Days. The ACCA Board of Directors approved this expansion in late 2019 after the Association spent much of the year utilizing the 2 North Jackson Street 1st Floor Conference Room, which is available to all tenants in the seven-story building owned by the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund and is a tremendous benefit for leasing space within in the building. Click here to view photos of the progress.

    PLAN 2020 Member aims to end drug addiction in community as “passion project”

    Participants in the Association’s leadership program, known as PLAN, are charged with the development and implementation of a community “passion project” in their home counties. Designed to challenge second-term commissioners to move past their comfort zones and put their leadership skills to work, these passion projects focus on issues outside the responsibilities of the county commission and often take months or even years to complete. Shelby County Commissioner Mike Vest, a member of PLAN 2020, is passionately working to end drug addiction in his community through leadership involvement in the 4th Annual END HEROIN BHAM Walk, taking place Feb. 29 in Hoover. His goal is to have upwards of 3,500 Walk participants and raise funds to provide more than 100 individuals with scholarships to begin their road to recovery at various certified centers. To support Commissioner Vest in his passion project, share this graphic and/or register for the Walk at


    A resource for Tweet2Advocate competition sample tweets and standings

    Tweet2Advocate Competition Sample Tweet – Tweet this now!

    (Copy and paste the blue text directly below.)

    The 2020 Regular Legislative Session begins tomorrow. Looking forward to working with @AlabamaCounties to make this session a productive and beneficial one for all 67 counties. #ALpolitics #Your County #Your Affiliate Acronym

    How do you tweet this?

    Step 1: Copy the blue text above.
    Step 2: Open your Twitter app or visit and log in.
    Step 3: Find the quill pen icon (app) or the “Tweet” button (online). Tap/click on it.
    Step 4: Paste the copied text into the text box that appears. Remember to type in #Your County (e.g., #Autauga, #Winston) at the end of the tweet. County Employees — remember to also include your affiliate acronym (e.g., #ACAA, #CROAA).
    Step 5: Press “Tweet.” You’re done! Congrats!

    Tweet2Advocate Competition Standings


    This week’s important ACCA-related events, trainings, deadlines, etc.

    Tuesday, Feb. 4

    2020 Regular Legislative Session Begins

    Tweet2Advocate Competition Begins