Payroll Audits | Hot 5

  • Published: September 28, 2015

    1. ACCA WC Fund Annual Payroll Audit Packets Have Been Mailed 

    The annual payroll audit packets were mailed last week to each ACCA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurers’ Fund Member contact person. The packet requests information such as payroll and employee data and necessary back-up documentation to complete the ACCA’s 2014 Fund Year Workers’ Compensation Fund payroll audit. Back-up documentation includes copies of the quarterly UC 10-R Wage Reports as submitted to the Dept. of Industrial Relations/Dept. of Labor, employee classifications, overtime listings and certain information concerning elected officials. In order to meet our auditing deadlines, all Fund Members need to return their information and documentation by November 15, 2015. Failure to submit information and documentation by December 15, 2015 will result in an invoice for an additional final audit payment equal to 25% of the Fund Member’s estimated premium contribution for the period 10/1/14-9/30/15. For questions concerning the WC Fund annual payroll audit, contact the auditor, Don Thomason, at 334-868-9528 or


    2. DRIVE Alabama Campaign Kick-Off: October 12

    The Association staff, with the help of county engineers from across the state, has developed a long-term campaign plan to promote the benefits of strong county infrastructure. Next month, the ACCA will officially kick-off the DRIVE Alabama campaign (Developing a Road and Infrastructure Vision for Everyone in Alabama) by launching our social media phase. In the coming months, we will add a website, media packages for counties to utilize, and a county road tour to our campaign efforts! All county officials, engineers, and employees are urged to TAKE ACTION and join these efforts by sending PICTURES such as:

    • road work crews on the job
    • county commissions letting new projects
    • groundbreaking ceremonies
    • county-maintained roads in need of improvements
    • recognition of county road & bridge employees
    • scenic views from county roads

    The deadline for your county’s ATRIP PR template, an integral part of the DRIVE Alabama campaign, is this Friday. Please send photos to Terri Reynolds (, who can also answer questions about the ATRIP templates.


    3. Political Activity of County Employees 

    As activities related to the 2016 elections begin to accelerate, so do the legal questions about political activity of county employees. There are legal protections to ensure that county employees can be politically active  as well as requirements for county employees running for county office to be on leave. This Fact Sheet on Political Activities of Alabama County Employees provides a detailed overview of key provisions, with references to relevant code sections and attorney general’s opinions. If you have further questions, please contact ACCA Association Counsel Mary Pons (334-263-7594 or


    4. NACo Profile in Service

    What do gospel music, piano lessons and Antarctica have in common? You will have to read NACo’s interview with Mobile County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood to find out and to learn more about this public official from Alabama who is helping to strengthen county government at the national level.


    5. Bond for Tax Officials

    This Thursday is October 1, the beginning of a new fiscal year for counties and, in many places, the beginning of the term of office for the county tax official. Oct. 1 is also the deadline to file the bond for the incoming tax official. ACCA Association Counsel Mary Pons wrote this brief memo to answer some questions that had come up about the deadline under the law. If you have additional questions, please contact Mary Pons (334-263-7594 or


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