Revised ACCA Election Process | Hot 5

  • Published: August 3, 2015

    1. Key Deadline Approaches in Revised ACCA Election Process

    For county officials wanting to serve on the ACCA Board of Directors or Legislative Committee, Thursday is the last day to register as a candidate. Registering by the deadline ensures that your name will be included on the candidate list in registration packets and listed on the printed ballots used in district caucuses. Candidates cannot be nominated from the floor If there is a registered candidate for that position. Registering by the deadline ensures that your name will be listed on the printed ballots used in district caucuses. Here are a list of registered candidates and candidate forms. Also, ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield wrote a detailed explanation of the revised election process.


    2. ‘Disaster Relief 101’ for Commissioners & Staff

    A special “Disaster Relief 101” course is coming up in October. It is ideal for veteran commissioners who wants to stay current on federal reimbursement guidelines and other details, and it is fast-paced overview of all the basics for commissioners who are newer to county government. Credit hours from the class apply toward the Level I & Level II commissioner education programs. You can learn more and register online. Offered by the County Government Education Institute, the class is available to administrators, engineers and 9-1-1 staffers seeking certification or continuing education credits.


    3. Bid Opening for Debris Removal and Monitoring

    Last week ACCA staff conducted the bid opening for 2016 regional pre-event disaster debris removal and monitoring services, and it was a fine example of “67 Counties, One Voice.” Because of the County Joint Bid Program, duplication of effort is prevented. Otherwise, every county that wants to be ready to handle debris from severe weather or other disasters would have conduct the complete bidding process individually. Bids will be reviewed, and ACCA will contact counties when it is time for the next step at the local level.


    4. Talking Points: Does Your County Do This?

    Do you have a county jail? Are your commission meetings bound by the Open Meetings law? Do you want to support local businesses? Would your county benefit from a new employer locating in the area?

    That’s just a sampling of ways counties intersect with state laws passed in 2015, and the ACCA Convention agenda features sessions where you can get expert guidance on 7 specific changes:

      1. Prison Reform
      2. Revisions to the Open Meetings Law
      3. Self-Insurance for County Property
      4. Guns
      5. Economic Development Incentives
      6. Simplified Sellers Use Tax (“Amazon bill”)
      7. Expanded Local Preference under the Competitive Bid Law


    5.  Legislators are Back

    The Alabama Legislature resumes its special session today at 5 p.m. with a short window of time to address major budget issues. Friday’s Legislative Update urged action by county leaders on options for repaying the Alabama Trust Fund. Many thanks to each of you who have already contacted senators on the Finance & Taxation General Fund Committee, and please contact ACCA at 334-263-7594 if you have questions.


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