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  • Published: March 28, 2016
  • This Week’s Top 5 Things You Need to Know

    PLUS |  Putting the Proposed Gas Tax in Perspective | Chairman & Probate Judge David Money, Henry County
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    1. SIDP Training – Important Updates

    Details for Safety Coordinator training and Public Officials & Administrative Staff training have been finalized and the registration forms are now available on the ACCA website’s Insurance-related Training & Resources page. Also, the training videos and documentation for Deputies, Correctional Officers, and Road & Bridge Safety Directors are now available. To request the videos for your in-house Departmental Safety Committee Meetings contact Marcia Collier at or (334) 263-7594.


     2. Making the Most of the Legislature’s Spring Break

    While the Alabama Legislature is in recess this week, counties have an outstanding opportunity to lay the groundwork for the first week back – and to express gratitude to lawmakers who have supported counties thus far. Here are a few priority items for this week:

    Demonstrating County Support for Transportation Funding AND Correcting Tax Abatements

    Thank you to the 27 counties that have already submitted a letter of support for the gas tax increase! For the remaining counties, attached is a draft letter of support. The letter states support for the effort without the need for a separate resolution to be adopted by the county commissionIt is very important that this letter, or one like it, be placed on your county commission letterhead and sent back to the Association as soon as possible. Please send the letter to the attention of Sonny Brasfield. Electronic copies may be faxed to 334-263-7678 or emailed to

    Thanks are also due to the 15 counties that have submitted a resolution in support of the ACCA bill to ensure that municipalities and municipal industrial development authorities can only abate county taxes when they are also abating a corresponding municipal tax. Counties continue to face intense opposition from the Economic Development Association of Alabama on this bill, HB 169 by Rep. Bob Fincher. The measure is expected to be before the House County and Municipal Government Committee again when the legislature returns from spring recess. Each county is encouraged to adopt this sample resolution or a similar resolution at the next scheduled county commission meeting – and to distribute copies of the resolution to your legislative delegation, the governor and local media. A copy of the sample is attached.

    Expressing Words of Appreciation

    Although there is more work to be done, let’s not forget to thank those who helped achieve success last week on two pieces of priority legislation. Please be sure to thank the sponsors of SB 141 and SB 128 for their commitment to passing each piece of legislation We also encourage you to thank your local legislators for voting to support these bills, now awaiting the governor’s signature, which benefit county government.


    SB141/HB53 (Retiring Department Heads)
    Sen. Greg Reed and Rep. Will Ainsworth

    SB128/HB50 (Appointing Outside Counsel)
    Sen. Phil Williams and Rep. Paul Lee

    3. Secure Rural Schools Funds Expected Soon

    The U.S. Forest Service has notified the state that funding from the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act programs is on the way. These funds, totaling a little more than $1.5 million this time, go to public schools and county governments in the 17 Alabama counties with national forest lands within their borders. Please make note for budget planning purposes that this is the last of this funding unless Congress reauthorizes the act. The state comptroller’s office is prepared to complete the distribution promptly as soon as the funds are received.

     DOWNLOAD PDF Secure Rural Schools

    4. National County Government Month Begins This Week

    National County Government Month (NCGM), held each April, is an annual celebration of county government. For the past 25 years, the National Association of Counties (NACo) has encouraged counties to use this as a time to promote county services and programs. The observance is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the vital role counties play in residents’ lives every day. The 2016 theme is “Safe and Secure Counties,” and it focuses on counties’ service in three distinct areas: ensuring public safety, preserving public health and well-being, and promoting local economies. The NCGM 2016 Toolkit is available at Download the toolkit (includes sample news release and sample proclamation) for ideas about engaging your community and celebrating county government in action.


    5. Adjusted Deadline for Ethics Filings This Year

    All elected officials in Alabama and many government employees are required by law to file a Statement of Economic Interests disclosure with the Alabama Ethics Commission each year. Because the usual deadline falls on a weekend, disclosures containing information about calendar year 2015 must be submitted by Monday, May 2, 2016. Forms and instructions are online.


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    Hot 5′s Hot Tip | From David Money, Commission Chairman and Probate Judge, Henry County


    Putting the Proposed Gas Tax in Perspective

    Here is a real-world example of how the proposed gas tax would affect one Alabama couple.

    Henry County Probate Judge and Chairman David Money figured it this way:

    My wife and I drove a total of 40,000 miles last year. Our two vehicles average about 24 mpg. The six cents per gallon fuel increase would cost us about $8 per month. One blown tire, one bent rim or one front end alignment from an encounter with a pot hole would cost us more than the tax we would pay in a full year.

    His full article, “We Need a Solution for Alabama’s Declining Infrastructure,” is available online from DRIVE Alabama.





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