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  • Published: June 22, 2015

    Want a 20% Return on Investment?

    During the last two years, the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Inc. has collected premiums of just more than $20.7 million and has returned $4,307,659 to the participating entities. The dollars returned to the county level came in the form of Safety Incentive Discounts, Investment Refunds and a Longevity Bonus. What a remarkable return on investment, all the while counties are receiving superior service, coverage and defense.  If your county is not a member, what kind of return on investment are you receiving?


    Local Bills and Special Sessions

    Local legislation must be properly advertised to be considered in a special session, even if a bill is identical to one introduced in the just completed regular session. Due to uncertainties about when the special session will begin and if local bills will be considered, counties are encouraged to ask their legislators about the prospects for local bills in the special session. It is recommended that advertising include a statement that the bill will be introduced “in the next special or general session in which local bills are considered.”


    Proud of YOUR County?

    It is truly amazing all the important services that Alabama counties provide their citizens, despite limited resources and authority. Maybe necessity is the mother of invention, but there is no doubt that every day there are county officials and employees across Alabama doing whatever it takes to get the job done. To spotlight this in your county, please consider making a nomination for the ACCA Excellence in County Government Awards, given in urban and rural categories. Friday is the deadline.


    Keeping an Eye on County Revenue

    Regardless of who handles collections, every county wants to be sure to receive every penny owed. Members of the County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama – and others interested in state tax law changes that will affect the county bottom line – are encouraged to join the 30-minute CROAA webinar at 2 p.m. Wednesday.


    Protecting & Advancing County Government

    As the One Voice for county government in Alabama, ACCA is strengthened by effective county leaders who invest their time and energies to benefit all 67 counties. Commissioners who serve as statewide officers in ACCA can have tremendous influence to protect and advance county government. If you would like to run for ACCA vice president or minority director for the 2015-16 year,  please visit the Candidates page online and return your form no later than July 6.



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