Skyrocketing health care costs combined with governmental responsibility to pay for inmate medical care has created serious  problems in the budgetary process. This ever-increasing healthcare burden has left our correctional systems exposed to potentially unlimited expenses and has created the need for innovative cost control mechanisms.


Hunt Insurance Group, LLC is proud to offer a unique program designed to protect local governments from excessive expenses resulting from catastrophic medical claims. A Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI) plan can be tailored for  your jail allowing for more accurate budgeting by insuring the catastrophic inmate medical expenses.

Special benefits for ACCA members who go through our website:

  • 5 percent reduction in premiums on these policies with Hunt Insurance Group;
  • Coverage limit increased to $300,000 from $250,000 per inmate.


Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance Brochure


Counties with this Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance coverage can also add on an Inmate Medical Cost Management Plan.

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance Booklet, including:

  • Fact Sheet
  • Service Team
  • Application
  • Procedures and Claims Forms
  • as well as details about the Inmate Medical Cost Management Plan



For general questions, contact Henry van Arcken, ACCA Director of Insurance Services, at 334-263-7594 or

For coverage details and to get a quote, contact Tamara Volkert ( or Carey Boucher ( with Hunt Insurance Group,

800-763-4868. Hunt Insurance Group’s office is in Tallahassee, FL.