2 North Jackson Podcast

This podcast is designed to provide county leaders with the latest news, insight, details and accomplishments important to Alabama’s 67 county governments.


August 2023: From the State House to the Court House, The County Family, & Creating a County Resource

  • From the State House to the Court House
    Time: 00:00 – 10:50
    Guest: Hon. Mac McCutcheon, Madison County Commission Chairman

  • The County Family
    Time: 10:50 – 16:01
    Guest: David Butts, Jr., Wilcox County Engineer

  • Creating a County Resource
    Time: 16:01 – 26:12
    Guest: Patrick McDougald, ACCA Joint Bid Consultant and Former Barbour County Engineer

July: Workplace Differences, ACCA’s President-Elect, Statewide Stormwater Success

February: Alabama Corrections, Disaster Recovery Funds, Safety Advancements

January: Leadership Amid Disaster, Alabama on the National Stage, State Agency Rulemaking Difficulties

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Policy Perspectives from Alabama Counties

This podcast features the perspectives of Alabama’s 67 counties regarding state legislation and policies that impact the day-to-day operations of county government.


SSUT Podcast: Changes jeopardize successful program

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