2 North Jackson Podcast

This podcast is designed to provide county leaders with the latest news, insight, details and accomplishments important to Alabama’s 67 county governments.


October: Welcoming New Commissioners, Managing County Risk & Passing Local Legislation

  • Welcoming New Commissioners
    Time: 00:00 – 7:33
    Guest: Hon. Sam Bradford, Commission Vice Chair, Chambers County

  • Managing County Risk
    Time: 7:34 – 14:50
    Guest: Patty Stephens, Risk Management Team Leader, County Risk Services Inc.
  • Passing Local Legislation
    Time: 14:51 – 24:45
    Guest: Roger Creekmore, Administrator, Colbert County

September: Pistol Permit Revenue, Poll Worker Recruitment & Debris Cleanup on Rights-of-Way

August: Annual Budgets, ACCA Online Community & County Experience in the Legislature

July: County Budgeting, Mental Health Obstacles, Transitions in Commission Leadership

June: State Prison Operations, ACCA 94th Convention, World Games Preparation

May: Broadband Expansion, National Leadership & Electronic Meetings

May: Guide for Allowing Electronic Participation in County Commission Meetings

April: Inmate Funding

Policy Perspectives from Alabama Counties

This podcast features the perspectives of Alabama’s 67 counties regarding state legislation and policies that impact the day-to-day operations of county government.


March 18: HB458 – Updates to State Constitutional Amendment 772 Supporting Local Economic Development

March 11: HB482 – Logging Trucks on County Roads & Bridges

February 16: HB272 – Permitless Carry of Firearms

February 8: SB157 – Logging Trucks on County Roads & Bridges