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Sonny Brasfield, Executive Director sbrasfield@alabamacounties.org

Sonny is the chief strategist and leader of the Association’s countless programs and services. He is the recognizable voice for county government in Alabama and is available to officials and employees to assist with every aspect of the daily affairs of all 67 counties. His more than 30 years with the Association began as Director of Public Relations before he assumed the role of Assistant Executive Director for 15 years. In 2009, he was appointed the ACCA’s fourth Executive Director in its more than 90-year history. Sonny is also administrator of the Association’s Self-Funded Insurance Programs, President of County Risk Services, and Chair of the Board of Directors of Vermont-based County Reinsurance Services, a multi-state reinsurance cooperative. He is a sought after speaker on public policy in Alabama and an integral part of the County Government Education Institute. With nearly 40 years of experience on Goat Hill, he utilizes his sense for sound policy and effective communication to move county government forward in every possible way.

Beth Sievers, Assistant to the Executive Director bsievers@alabamacounties.org

Beth provides administrative leadership and assistance for the daily operation of the Association, working directly with the Executive Director. She also serves as coordinator of the Association’s successful Debt Set-off Program, which has returned nearly $10 million to Alabama counties and county-related entities. Beth also serves as secretary for the Association’s Board of Directors and secretary for the Boards of Trustees of the ACCA Self-Funded Insurance Programs. During her more than 30-year career, she served as executive assistant to the directors of two separate state agencies prior to joining the Association in 2015.


Member & External Services

Morgan Arrington, General Counsel marrington@alabamacounties.org

Morgan provides legal direction for the Association and works alongside the Executive Director in providing leadership for Alabama’s 67 counties. She is available to county attorneys, commissioners, administrators and other department heads to assist with the challenges faced daily by counties in Alabama. She provides legal advice on all matters faced by counties and has become a trusted source and problem solver for county government, as well as the ACCA Self-Funded Insurance Programs. Alongside the ACCA Policy Team, she often tackles some of the most complicated issues facing counties during the legislative session and provides educational expertise to effectively implement the new laws impacting counties each year. She is a frequent speaker and part of the educational faculty of the County Government Education Institute.

Abby Fitzpatrick, Director of Communication and Engagement afitzpatrick@alabamacounties.org

Abby leads the important ACCA Education and Events Team and is responsible for all communication and engagement efforts with and on behalf of Alabama’s county governments. She manages the Association’s print media – including the County Commission magazine and calendar – as well as ACCA’s digital media – including the mobile apps, website and the Association’s incredibly effective presence on social media. Abby is a well-respected media contact, and her interactions and relationships with Alabama media have played a key role in the enhancement of the Association’s voice on behalf of Alabama counties. She is also a vital member of the ACCA Policy Team who plays an important role in the development and passage of county legislation and is responsible for all legislative-based communication during the session.

Lauren Hodge, Director of Affiliate and Government Relations lhodge@alabamacounties.org

Lauren is responsible for the year-round development, sponsorship and passage of legislation important to county government. An experienced and well-respected resource to the members of the Alabama Legislature, she works to improve the working relationships among county officials and their representatives on Goat Hill. Lauren also serves as the chief staff liaison to the Association’s five affiliate organizations, a role that allows her to maintain a comprehensive and multilayered understanding of county employee needs and, consequently, develop new public policy, education and program opportunities for the benefit of the full membership. Lauren’s combined involvement in statewide policy efforts and affiliate management allows her to effectively and efficiently represent the needs of county governments before state and federal agencies, as well.

Marty Stokes, Public Relations Manager mstokes@alabamacounties.org

Marty is the leader on the frontlines of the Association’s comprehensive conference, education and event calendar. The conference schedule consists of not only the Association’s major events but also the annual gatherings of each of the Association’s affiliate organizations and others that rely on ACCA to ensure the success of their county-related events. The educational outreach of the Association has become an important part of every county’s employee orientation process. In addition to the Association’s educational courses, the ACCA calendar includes the Annual County Golf Bash, District Meetings, County Legislative Days, the PLAN leadership initiative and other similar activities.

Jennifer Datcher, Coordinator of Events and Education jdatcher@alabamacounties.org

A friendly fixture at ACCA events for more than 15 years, Jennifer works daily to ensure the success of all the Association’s offsite activities – with a special emphasis on the County Government Education Institute, the Association’s Annual Convention and Legislative Conference, affiliate group conferences and workshops, and other special events. She manages and monitors the Association’s ever-busy electronic registration system and works directly with vendors who are an integral part of the Association’s outreach.

Lisa Fiore, Policy and Member Services Assistant lfiore@alabamacounties.org

Throughout the year, Lisa assists in the implementation of important member services and communication, at the core of which lies her daily management and maintenance of the Association’s database systems. Lisa also oversees and provides technical support to both members and staff for the Association’s various virtual offerings, from webinars to online meetings. When the Legislature is in session, Lisa plays a significant role in the Association’s legislative work, heading up the ACCA legislative tracking system and the management of committee monitoring and preparation efforts.



Lauren Westbrook, Director of Finance lwestbrook@alabamacounties.org

Lauren provides the financial and accounting leadership that makes the Association run. On a daily basis, she works to ensure ACCA’s fiscal health by maintaining the finances for the Association itself, its large insurance funds, its affiliate organizations and its many programs and services. From a monetary standpoint, she manages the daily operation of the Alabama County Joint Bid Program, the Debt Set-Off Program and all of the Association’s activities for counties. In addition to her financial responsibilities, Lauren also regularly provides IT support to the ACCA staff and is responsible for the management and operation of the Business Center of Alabama, the Association’s office facility at 2 North Jackson Street in Montgomery.

Henry van Arcken, Director of Insurance Services hvanarcken@alabamacounties.org

Henry provides daily management, direction and leadership for the Association’s growing insurance presence in Alabama. His daily interaction with the Association’s claims, underwriting and risk management service provider is key to the success of the insurance programs, which provide a vital service for more than 60 of Alabama’s counties. Henry’s leadership was instrumental in the establishment of the Association’s growing property insurance program and the expansion of both its workers’ compensation and liability services. His innovative approach has led to the unprecedented financial success of the programs over the past decade, which has resulted in more than $15 million being returned to the Funds’ participants. Working with the Vice President for County Risk Services, he has developed a vision for the next 10 years that will further benefit Alabama’s counties and citizens at the local level.

Kenya Howard, Coordinator of Member and Administrative Services khoward@alabamacounties.org

Kenya coordinates a variety of services essential to the Association’s success. She coordinates ACCA’s internal administrative and human resource services, as well as the financial management of outside events, activities and programs, including the successful Alabama County Joint Bid Program. She also handles other financial and accounting duties for the Association’s growing activities, both internally and externally.

Paulette Williams, Receptionist pwilliams@alabamacounties.org

Paulette is the first voice and face of the Association. Her commitment to the success of county government shows through in her interaction with members and others who come in contact with ACCA. Day in and day out, she provides behind-the-scene assistance to ensure the success of ACCA events and activities while assisting with financial activities and providing other administrative expertise.