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2017-18 President Steve McKinnon


County Commission Magazine | October 2017

Get in the Game

Previewing 89th Annual ACCA Convention

County Commission Magazine | August 2017



Picking the Right Tool for the Job

Limited Self-Governance in Alabama

County Commission Magazine | June 2017

Brilliant Ideas at Work

National County Government Month

Celebrating Brilliant Ideas at Work in Alabama Counties

County Commission Magazine | April 2017


2017 Regular Session


County Commission Magazine | February 2017


Safety Pays Off


County Commission Magazine | December 2016

Safety savings led to a county-wide raise in the Wiregrass


2016-17 President Bill Stricklend


County Commission Magazine | September-October 2016

To move forward, counties must stand shoulder to shoulder, says President Stricklend

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Alabama 2040 | Setting the Stage for the Future


County Commission Magazine | August 2016

What will the State of Alabama look like in the year 2040? Where will people live? What will our major areas of employment be? What social issues will affect our state? How do we begin to prepare county government today to take care of our citizens 20 years from now? Come to the 88th Annual Convention to find answers to these questions for your county.

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Economic Development | Route to the Ribbon Cutting

County Commission Magazine | June 2016

As the stewards of county economies, county commissioners play a co-starring role in Alabama’s economic development process.

Back to the Stone Age

County Commission Magazine | March-April 2016

It seems like stepping back in time when paved roads are in such bad shape that the best option is to convert them to gravel. Alabama’s deteriorated roads hurt the economy, waste money and pose life-threatening safety risks.


Gearing Up to DRIVE into 2016

County Commission Magazine | January-February 2016


When the Alabama Legislature is in session, all roads lead to the Capital City! The 2016 Regular Session kicks off at noon on Feb. 2.