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  • Published: January 7, 2019
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    1. Tell ACCA about your contacts on Goat Hill

    Do you have a special relationship with a member — or several members — of the Alabama Legislature? Let the ACCA staff know. History has shown that special relationships can make a meaningful difference when seeking a legislator’s support or opposition on important county issues, particularly in the heat of a legislative battle. Our goal is to find enough county officials and employees with special relationships to cover every member of the Alabama Legislature. County leaders with special relationships are encouraged to tell us more in this very brief survey.

    2. ACCA leadership to attend national meeting of county leaders this week

    ACCA President Tony Cherry will join our Executive Director, Sonny Brasfield, this week for the annual gathering of the National Council of County Association Executives (NCCAE) in Washington D.C. Beginning on Wednesday and lasting until noon on Friday, the event will feature insider briefings on national affairs, roundtables on pending national issues and an evening at the National Press Club for the 50 presidents of our sister associations around the country. 

    3. 2019 Directory now on ACCA67 mobile app

    The 2019 Directory is now available on the ACCA67 mobile app under the “County Directory” tab. To receive your printed copy of the 2019 Directory, remember to register for and attend the District Meeting nearest and/or most convenient to you. For assistance with the app, contact Abby Fitzpatrick, Director of Communication and Engagement.
    *Note: New term of office for Probate Judges and Sheriffs does not begin until mid-January. Until then, please refer only to your printed version of the 2018 Directory if you wish to contact an existing Probate Judge or Sheriff.

    4. State lawmakers to begin organizing Legislature this Tuesday

    The start of the next legislative quadrennium is now less than 2 months away, which means the time has come for newly elected and re-elected members of the Alabama Legislature to gather in Montgomery to begin organizing the House and Senate chambers through the election of officers, appointment of standing and interim committees, adoption of procedures and other necessary matters. Legislators are legally limited to an “organizational session” lasting no longer than 10 consecutive calendar days, but rarely have lawmakers needed the fully allotted timeframe, as no official business may be performed during this gathering.

    5. Two ALGTI courses scheduled for January.

    Attention, Commissioners! Two Alabama Local Government Training Institute (ALGTI) courses are being held at the Marriott Prattville Hotel & Conference Center this month. If you haven’t already, be sure to reserve your seat for these educational courses — and also for the corresponding Elmore County District Meeting.

    Jan. 16 -17 |  Open Meetings & Media Relations *Elective
    Course Agenda | Register here.

    Jan. 17-18 | Ethical & Legal Issues *Mandatory
    Course Agenda | Register here.


    Organizational Session of the Alabama Legislature

    *An Organizational Session of the Alabama Legislature is legally limited to 10 consecutive calendar days.