Drive AL Wants YOU | Hot 5

October 5, 2015

1. DRIVE Alabama Wants YOUR Examples
County leaders understand that local infrastructure drives Alabama forward, and the DRIVE Alabama campaign (Developing a Road and Infrastructure Vision for Everyone in Alabama) needs your help collecting real, specific examples that can help others understand. ACCA learned last week that business has picked up significantly in one Winston County town after an ATRIP resurfacing [...]

Job Posting | ACCA Staff Attorney

September 29, 2015

The Association of County Commissions of Alabama seeks an experienced, energetic and hard-working attorney, licensed in the state of Alabama, to become its staff attorney on January 4, 2016.  The successful candidate will be responsible for legislative drafting and advocacy and will be an integral part of the Association’s policy team, providing advice and counsel [...]

Payroll Audits | Hot 5

September 28, 2015

1. ACCA WC Fund Annual Payroll Audit Packets Have Been Mailed 
The annual payroll audit packets were mailed last week to each ACCA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurers’ Fund Member contact person. The packet requests information such as payroll and employee data and necessary back-up documentation to complete the ACCA’s 2014 Fund Year Workers’ Compensation Fund payroll audit. [...]

SIDP Checklist | ACCA Hot 5

September 21, 2015

1. How To Apply for SIDP
With the 2014-15 Safety Incentive Discount Program Year coming to an end, ACCA has prepared a user-friendly SIDP Checklist to help you apply for your county’s discount. If you have questions about SIDP – including policies already on file for your county and training requirements – contact Marcia Collier at ACCA [...]