Talking Points | Hot 5

July 27, 2015

1. Talking Points: ACCA Convention 
What will my county gain when I go to the ACCA Convention? Longtime county officials and employees might say the benefits are “too many to count,” but some things can be counted. For starters, there are at least 29 education credits that can be earned toward continuing education or completion of [...]

Fuel Up & Save | Hot 5

July 20, 2015

1. Fuel Up by Friday to Save
Hundreds of Alabama county officials and employees will be together in just a month to “Fuel Up for a New Day” and equip their counties for what’s new and what’s next. This Friday is the last day to register for the Annual Convention at the regular rate of $200. [...]

Safety Training | Hot 5

July 13, 2015

1. Insurance Safety Training Updates
The various ACCA-sponsored training sessions for the Safety Incentive Discount Program (SIDP) are well underway. Already deputies had their first Below 100 training in Sylacauga in June. The SIDP-required Deputy Training will be offered Aug. 12 in Houston County and Aug. 27 in Baldwin County. Seating is limited so Safety Coordinators in [...]

Still Not Receiving ACCA Emails?

July 7, 2015

Status July 7, 2015
UPDATE    ACCA is close to resolving the technical issue that has interrupted email delivery for some members. The situation is being monitored closely through the end of the week.
If you or your county are not receiving ACCA emails (such as the Monday morning “Hot 5″ newsletter), please call ACCA (334-263-7594) for [...]