Final Legislative Report 2014

  • Published: April 15, 2014
  • The Association of County Commissions of Alabama has once again had a very productive legislative year. Seven bills identified as ACCA bills have now become law, and many more bills that would have had a negative impact on county government failed to pass before the legislative session came to an end. Additionally, with the help of county officials and staff, the ACCA staff was able to amend several dozen bills to protect or benefit counties in small and significant ways. While it is disappointing that none of the Constitutional Revision Commission initiatives will appear on the ballot in 2014, it does appear that county government made real headway this year in educating legislators about the problems with state legislation exempting local taxes, since many such bills were amended at the committee level to ensure that, if passed, tax exemptions would only apply local taxes if approved by the affected local governing bodies.

    Below is ACCA’s Final Report of the 2014 Regular Session, which is organized into 4 sections:

    ACCA bills that have become law — protecting public safety communications, helping recover debts owed to counties, streamlining business personal property taxes, strengthening local government health insurance, allowing state donations to local EMAs, broadening the base for 9-1-1 fees and eliminating an outdated annual tax levy requirement

    Other bills of interest to counties that have become law — nearly 30 other bills have been enacted that will affect the operation of county government on matters such as elections, public works, bid law, roads and bridges, environmental issues, new development, revenue and employment, just to name a few.

    Bills ACCA monitored closely that did not become law — open meetings, guns, subsidized housing, Department of Examiners, windmills, school bus cameras 

    Local bills that passed this session — comprehensive listing, organized by county, of 81 local bills, local constitutional amendments and a few “general bills of local application” that will primarily affect a specific city, county or counties


    Want to know more?

    ACCA has scheduled a special Legislative Session Wrap-up Webinar for 11 a.m. Thursday. In a packed 30-minute session, ACCA will provide highlights of county-backed bills that became law with special emphasis on those that will take some implementation. There will also be opportunity for ACCA members to provide feedback on what worked and what could work better during the session. Plus Q&A. Register here