The ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Inc. partnered with County Reinsurance Limited in January 2015 to offer Cyber Liability coverage to Fund Members.

Liability Fund Members are encouraged to complete this ACCA Cyber Liability Questionnaire, which is designed to assess your cyber risk and will be helpful in making you more aware of deficiencies in your system and/or data.

 ACCA eRisk Hub

A critical element of this program is the eRisk Hub®, a password-protected web portal with detailed information on topics such as what to do if you experience a data breach plus training and management resources.

The County Administrator for each Liability Fund Member should contact Marcia Collier for the county’s specific login and code.

The eRisk Hub®, from NetDiligence®, is a private, web-based portal with information and technical resources that empower organizations to combat cyber losses with minimal, controlled, and predictable costs.

The eRisk Hub® portal features news, content, and services from leading practitioners in risk management, information security, privacy, computer forensics, forensic accounting, identity theft prevention, crisis communications, legal counsel, and other highly specialized areas of cyber risk.

Basic services of the eRisk Hub® include:

Incident Roadmap — Provides a comprehensive guide to the steps to take in the event of a breach.
News Center — Monitors breach events and trends.
Learning Center — Offers best-practices articles, white papers and on-demand webinars.
Risk Manager Tools — Helps manage cyber risk more effectively.
eRisk Resources Directory — Features qualified third-party providers of breach-related services.



Contact Henry van Arcken, ACCA Director of Insurance Services, at 334-263-7594 or