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The current requirements for the Alabama Local Government Training Institute (ALGTI) Commissioner Graduate Program call for 70 hours of additional study beyond the mandatory fifty hours. Up to 20 of the 70 hours can be approved conference hours.

The overall hour and distribution requirements are as follows:

  • acceptance of commissioners into the ALGTI program only after completion of the mandated 50-hour program;
  • development of course curricula designed exclusively for veteran commissioners and relying heavily upon practical skills development;
  • a continuing education requirement for retention of the ALGTI Graduate Program status.


Up to 20 hours can be applied to the graduate program from participation the following events:

  • ACCA Convention – 3 credit hours
  • ACCA Legislative Conference – 2 credit hours
  • NACo Annual Convention – 3 credit hours
  • NACo Legislative Conference – 3 credit hours
  • Local Government Institute Luncheon — 2 credit hours
  • Local Government Institute Conference — 10 credit hours

Participants in the graduate program may take one additional elective from the pool of four electives offered under the 50-hour mandatory program. Remaining hours can be obtained from the ALGTI graduate curriculum composed of 10-hour courses including such possibilities as:

  • Financial Administration of Bonds
  • The State Legislature and Local Legislation
  • Emergency Management, Hazardous Materials, Landfills, and Solid Waste Disposal
  • Contracting Procedures (Bids and Specifications)
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Visioning and Community-building
  • Economic Development and Growth Management
  • County Program Assessment and Evaluation
  • Decision-making Skills for County Commissioners
  • Government technology decision-making
  • Intra-county communication and cooperation

For additional information, please contact:

Government & Economic Development Institute | Auburn University

Phone 334-844-4782