The Basic-Level Training Program consists of four classes designed to provide county personnel with a solid overview of county government.

The Basic-Level courses are required for personnel participating in one of the certification programs, but these classes are also available to employees working in other areas of county government. Personnel in county emergency management departments and county revenue offices are encouraged to participate in the Basic-Level Program. Additionally, this program is open to staff in the sheriff’s office, probate office, and tax offices.

Each class includes 12 hours of instruction conducted at a day-and-a-half training session. Personnel may take any or all of the four classes, and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all who satisfactorily complete all four classes.

The courses are:

  • Overview of County Government — This class provides a general overview of the workings of county government. Topics include the role of the county commission, the functions of county commission offices and departments, interplay with other county offices, and the many constitutional and statutory provisions that govern how county government works.
  • Ethics of County Officials and Employees — It is imperative that all county employees develop a good understanding of Alabama’s Ethics Law and its impact on both employees and public officials serving in county government. This course will provide county employees with a sound practical understanding of the concept of ethics and a thorough foundation on Alabama’s Ethics Law and other constitutional and statutory provisions affecting the actions of county officials and employees both on and off the job.
  • Personnel Administration — This course is designed to provide agency heads and staff with an understanding of federal and state employment laws, along with some best practices training on hiring and firing, leave policies, and other personnel issues important to the proper and effective administration of county offices.
  • Finance and Revenue —  The county commission is responsible for the financial well-being of the county, and all county employees benefit from an understanding of county revenue and budgetary matters. This course explains the development and management of the county general fund budget, outlines county revenue sources including the collection and distribution of those revenues, and provides an overview of financial management and auditing requirements.

 CGEI course schedule