The ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Inc. has been responsive to members’ insurance needs since 1986, when it was formed in response to dramatic price increases counties faced in the commercial insurance market.

The Fund insulates members from the whims of the commercial market, providing coverage that is custom-tailored to county needs.

In addition to standard liability coverage, the Fund also provides equitable defense coverage, which is a defense for claims seeking injunction or declaratory relief only. Privacy or Security Event Liability and Expense Coverage has also been available since 2015.

The ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Inc. — Property Program was established in 2015 to ensure the needs of counties with an all-risk policy that is responsive to its members first-party coverage needs. Property Program participants can secure flood insurance protection (NFIP coverage) through Marsh, a partner of the LSIF-PP, along with County Reinsurance Limited, our reinsurance partner.

Fund members are strongly encouraged to determine whether your properties are in Special Hazard Flood Zone Areas by accessing Marsh’s online flood service center link and completing the online application. Other flood coverage information is also available through this link. For any questions, please contact: Marsh USA, Inc. – Flood Service Center, Martina.Martin@marsh.com /(406) 812-3173 or Patrice.A.Collingwood@marsh.com /(406) 812-3170.

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Henry van Arcken, ACCA Director of Insurance Services

Jodi Garrette, CRS Member Services & Risk Management Coordinator