Earning the Certificate in County Administration

All participants seeking the Certificate in County Administration must attend all 12 hours of each course, plus receive a satisfactory grade on the class exam to receive credit for the course. Classes may be taken in any order.

Basic-Level Classes

All participants must complete each of the four Basic-Level courses (48 hours) available to all participants in the County Government Education Institute. 

  • Overview of County Government
  • Ethics of County Officials and Employees
  • Personnel Administration
  • Finance and Revenue

Certification-Level Classes

Participants must also complete one elective course for a total of five 12-hour classes (60 total hours). Current elective courses are:

  • Conflict Management
  • General Management and Supervision
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • General Accounting
  • Communication and Media Relations
  • Legislative and Governmental Relations

CGEI course schedule

There are no continuing education requirements for persons receiving the Certificate in County Administration. However, these persons are strongly encouraged to continue attending conferences and training courses for updated information. CGEI will maintain a record of the continuing education efforts of persons with the Certificate in County Administration designation.

The certificate is a prerequisite for the Certified County Administrator (CCA) designation.

In addition to the County Government Education Institute programs, administrators may also be interested in training offered by the Alabama chapter of the Association of Public Personnel Administrators.  Though this group is not directly associated with ACCA, county staff members frequently benefit from the group’s education program.